A little about the blog

Hello amazing people! I’m so glad that you found a way to land here😊Hearty and warm welcome to my world of joy & Happiness🙂You can take your time and take a tour to my inspiring thoughts,drawings,little poetry (which are just basic one’s) and photographs of this big beautiful world which i capture with my little mobile!

Smile please🙂Its costs nothing.My life motto is smiling always even at the tough situations ,no matter what happens and i wana make people around me to smile and letting them know the value of it. So i would like to share my thoughts on hapiness of giving,warm of love and joy of living.

“The main reason for blogging is not for money,name and fame.The reason why i started to blog is to share my thoughts and happiness,meet and greet other great blogs who have similar thoughts and spread the smiles all over the world and make people happy and smile😊 through my writings.It gives me so much of joy, if someone smiles and get inspired by my posts.Here i never bother about the grammar,vocabulary,words and perfection. I just go with the flow of words and write what i get in my mind”.

Everyone should know the purpose of living happily in this shitty world😑 and everyone should think that they are unique and talented in some other way.So, i write some of the posts to inspire atleast few of the people and i feel glad for that.I love to meet new people and make new friends so i like to explore all the great blogs and follow them😊.

I would feel honored and pleasured if some of them take their time to read my writings,like them ,comment my posts and follow the blog😊.

Time is the most precious thing in everyone’s life.People don’t prefer to give time to everyone, so all I can say is a big thank you 🙏 as a gratitude for your valuable time.😊

A little about Me




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