My precious assests!!

Well everyone are unique and they have their own specifications.There will be certain things which you love in yourself,so here you go i have my own list to pen down.

✔ Optimist 
 I am an optimist and that’s the most favorite nature of mine.Even if the flood comes in my way and destroys everything , I’ll be the same as what I’m now!

✔ Selflove 

Yes!i just love myself but I’m not selfish! No matter how i look and what i wear ,i always love and admire myself everyday!

✔ Helping tendency 

I love to be generous ,unselfish. I’m not  rich ,but i like helping people with what i have.Il do this as much as i can.

✔ Self motivator

Whenever i feel low or if someone degrades me,i will never let myself down.Il motivate myself in possible way so that my motivation always makes me to feel that everything and everyone are just shit Infront of you,you are the ultimate one.

✔ Percepting in the right way

 I never judge a person,because everyone are right and unique in their own way.So my perception will be different in terms of people nature.

✔ Loving and caring

Loving someone is not a big thing ,but being loved us always a great thing .So i always make people to feel great by my love and care.But I’m not weak or emotionally dependent.

✔ Creative

I wish that i could be more creative,but i don’t get a chance. Crafts,drawing,painting,handmade cards these are my favourite past time.

✔ Happy giver

I never expect from anyone no matter how much i give them.I just fetch happiness in giving.I like the smile on people’s face when i give something which they don’t expect!

✔Good listener

At some point of life one needs a person to listen to their sorrows,worries and pains.Anyone will be available to share happiness, but the one who listens to sorrows are the rarest ones to find. Il be the one for all who needs me!

✔ Being myself
No matter what others think or speak i never change my attitude.I just carry myself in a unique way and enjoy being myself.I just do things if i feel them as right and i follow my heart.

✔ Matured child

Yeah! I’m 24 but I’m childish sometimes as a matured one.Being childish is good for us to enjoy each moment of life.

✔ Independent
 I never depend on anyone physically or emotionally,but sometimes i depend financially on my father at rare times.That doesn’t matter because how much i earn ,the single penny i get from my dad is more valuable for me because I’m always his little one forever;no matter how much i grew!


Not only myself ,i motivate my colleagues,sibling,friends who come for advice.

✔Being friendly

 Any relation can’t be compared with friendship.Being friendly with the people is my nature, but i don’t give lenience of it because some might take advantage of it!So I’m the damn friendly one whom i feel as good person!

✔ Attitude
I have attitude which other’s admire.Some of my other colleagues and friends always tell that they wanna be like me,that sounds so good and makes me so happy!I feel good about the way i carry myself and show attitude to others.

✔ Enjoying life in my own way

Coming to the last,but not least! I always live in my own world,no matter whether i be alone or surrounded with people,i enjoy being myself.I enjoy even being alone because I’m my own company.

My line for life is “eat well , sleep well,live the moment ,laugh everyday,love beyond words, follow the heart and love yourself!”



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