White flower

Flower of the day

This flower is in my balcony from many days.I tried to figure out this name ,but i couldn’t get the name of it!This is in response to Cee’s Flower of the day



Golden Firecracker

​Flower of the day

This is written in response to Cee’s flower of the day.Flower type is firecracker flower and scientific name is Crrossondra infundibuliformis!

Weekly Weather: Spring 


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Lovely Spring “Spring is the season of reborth,renewal and regrowth!spring season makes reappearance of green colour everywhere and makes human sould apt to revive!” This is written in response to Jennifer Nichole’s Challenge of weekly weather :SpringP Photo by :Sasha $@$#@ Advertisements


Seasonal smile

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge It’s not the time of year without ….

 Clouds covering the hills 

                       Araku hill station

Rain all over


Green fields 

                         Araku valley

I perdonally love Araku valley and i do visir this place once in a year!It is a must to visit place especially in netween October to January where we can see fresh flowers bloomed,clouds that lies in between the hills and the green fields everywhere! I feel so fresh and this place automatically brings smile on my face😊



Fresh flowers

These are fresh chamomile yellow and pink coloured flowers which are arranged in urli at my hall!

This is written in response to tuesday photo challenge!



Flower of 17/11/2016

Yellow Camomile flower

Cee’s Flower of the day photo


Flower of today


Cee’s flower of the day photo

Flower type is unknown..i got this in my garden!



Soft touch

My entries for the 52 week photo challenge and the theme given is Soft.

This little teddy is soft.

This peacock feathers are so soft to touch and feel!
52 weeks photo challengeweek-14 by The girl that dreams awake

Photo credit: Sasha


Flower of the day

Flower type: Pink Rose
Pic credit: Sasha

Cee’s Flower of the day


Tiny things

Tiny things are always cute and pretty!

These are the cute feet of my lill sister’s daughter!

This is a tiny chick which i bought and raising!

This is a tiny chocolate cake in my gallery.

These are little hands of my niece.She has such a beautiful smile.

These are just born pigeon babies in my balcony.

These are little roses made my be with quilling strips..

These are my cute little toys which i get free for a chocolate called kinderjoy!i just love this and these collection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny