Well! Welcome to my personal boredom page. I have born to a woderful couple on October 10th,1992.I have a sibling who is 2 year and 8 months younger to me.We moved to Hyderabad when i was small,so my schooling and college till 12th  was done there. I had the most wonderful memories in Hyderabad and i love that place.Its the city of happiness. Later ,i have joined in so called engineering course at chennai, which is the polluted and dirtiest city i have ever seen,i’m sorry if this is hurting someone ,but I didn’t like the city much.But, to tell honestly people in chennai are the kindest people i have ever met!i really had wonderful time at chennai, where i met many great people and many special persons for my life!

I started my career in IT industry and currently working as a software developer. Blogging, Drawing ,cooking, Reading books are the things which i love to do. I love travelling to new places and spending most of the time in nature’s lap! I can’t express my love for chocolates and coffee,i can simply say thatme and coffee are born for each other!” I’m a foodie and loves to eat a lot of variety dishes. I love to live simple and natural! I do the things which i love and be with the people whom i love! I’m an optimist and self-loving person.

Life is not so easy ,i have experienced the most fucking life as of now😥,but i never gave up ,as an optimist i expect life to be better someday!So i write most of the posts on positive thoughts, inspirational thoughts and motivational stories. Because of all the incidents happened in my life,i have grown stronger now. Life taught me many things and i’m still a student in tgst subject!I’m a feminist ,but i don’t oppose or hate men, i do support women more in some phases!I strongly believe in myself and motivate myself at odd times.I love to spend at Orphanage on my birthdays and any other special days..staying strong and smiling are the keys which i use at any situation! I don’t expect miracles in my life becuase i know that “karma is a bitch” ,i just pray to give more strength to solve my problems and to live my life in my own way!!Thanks for sparing time and reading it till the end!