My Second Blog!

I’m quite happy to say that i’m following my heart through Blogging and Drawing!I have started another blog to display my arts and the arts which i collect from Art blogs , Facebook and  Instagram.Thanks for the followers who supported my writings on this site and kindly support my art site too by visiting. Your […]

Challenges My Art Photography


This is the picture which is painted on a chart sheet. It’s now transformed into a beautiful one which i framed it on my room’s wall! At the initial stage it was just the tree with dried apperance ,but when i drew it completely it’s now transmogrified into a beautiful piece of love! I just love […]

Dailyposts My Art Photography


The exact meaning of graceful is having or showing grace or elegance. Whatever we do in life ,we should with ease and grace.Whether it might be loving a person or it can be any other activities.If you sing ,do that with grace,if you dance do with grace,if you draw a picture do it with grace,if you paint […]