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It’s the pandemic, not a productivity Race!

IDK who wants to see this… Eating Maggi on few days is okay, Binge watching is okay, overburning the food is okay, Feeling sad is absolutely okay, not working hard is okay, procrastinating is completely fine!  We are alive and healthy, thats the most all-embracing thing in the current condition, no matter what, you are […]

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Love and Live with your passion

So I’m writing on my blog after one and half year. I’m a blogger and I used to post something every day and be an active reader who comments, likes and organize parties, Meet & Greets. And then that when I understood writing is my passion, I thrived to make it as my profession. But […]

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Last post of 2016

This is my lasy post of 2016 … I have learnt a lot this year and i achieved few things and blogging is one of them, because i had the idea of blogging but never started ,so this year i did that and I’m successful in that.I am quite happy with that. I have lost […]