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It’s the pandemic, not a productivity Race!

IDK who wants to see this… Eating Maggi on few days is okay, Binge watching is okay, overburning the food is okay, Feeling sad is absolutely okay, not working hard is okay, procrastinating is completely fine!  We are alive and healthy, thats the most all-embracing thing in the current condition, no matter what, you are […]

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Love and Live with your passion

So I’m writing on my blog after one and half year. I’m a blogger and I used to post something every day and be an active reader who comments, likes and organize parties, Meet & Greets. And then that when I understood writing is my passion, I thrived to make it as my profession. But […]

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Follow Your Bliss

Are you the one who really follows your passion? Do you think you are doing the right job? Considering the general world, there are two types of people as per career, the one who does the job for money and career growth and the other one who does for passion! Passion doesn’t mean that one […]



I’m really happy to say that my blog is one year old today ,happy anniversary to Sasha’s Writings. Okay ,i know that i’m  acting little weird but i’m really happy and glad to do this. It’s a quite long and blissful journey of one year ,i have 591 followers now ,which is not a bad […]


Blogger Recognition Award

Hello People!I didn’t post anything since few days.I was busy with some other works and i missed WP.So here is a big news,i have been nominated for another award,i.e Blogger Recognition Award by two amazing people. One is Vinayak Gupta and another is Dilip.Thanks a lot both of you for recognising my writings and nominating me for this award.It […]