Every second is like an era of pain which passes through every vein,

I was unaware of this nightmare,

Like the bird that flies high in the sky, you went out with a relief of sigh,

Seeing you flying, made me collapsed there and remained crying,

I waited for so long by anticipating you to come along,

With all the feeling of deserted and exasperated, I returned exhausted!

I explored the steps to reach the heights you live in, but failed because those are unapproachable to reach in,

Though they seem to belong way, I tried to climb with all my intensity to reach you,

My eyes glittered to see you and my heart skipped a beat, in reaching you with the descending steps of every foot,

You have transformed and tossed me down,

I cried till my throat became empty and my eyes became fluffy,

A voice from inside, laughed because of me being so naive,

Being decieved&unvalued, my body drowned in the shore and my soul which is the replica of sacred love died to the core!!

This is written in response to Tanya’s Poetry Challenge #3



Dessert is a choice!

three line tales week 44: six macarons
photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash 

Here are the sweetest desserts waiting for me,mmm…😋yummy but there are many flavours.So many choices?!which one shall i go for?!🤔
A pink colour one ?oh no i hate strawberry flavoured things!
A green colour one? It might be pista flavoured ,so keep it aside!😒
A cream colured one?😮It might be vanilla or made with peaches ,so no point in picking up that!
That yellow colour one ?No! It’s not time for mango baby!
how about biscuit colur one?That colour itself is not making me to pick that!
Brown colour one?Yes😀 it might be chocolate flavoured!I love chocolate flavoured things and I’m obsessed with them!Thanks a lot 
Sonya    for offering yummy  dessert.

This is written in response to Weekly Three line tales by Only 100 words


Weekly Weather: Spring 


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Lovely Spring “Spring is the season of reborth,renewal and regrowth!spring season makes reappearance of green colour everywhere and makes human sould apt to revive!” This is written in response to Jennifer Nichole’s Challenge of weekly weather :SpringP Photo by :Sasha $@$#@