Bad dream!

It was completely dark and she was in the midst of a huge and dense forest, where nothing can be seen clearly. She could sense that something is spooky and some bad senses were pulling her down.

Someone pulled her hair; she turned to see who it was but to her surprise there was no one, she stood there numb and tried to understand where she was! Someone pulled her hair again; she turned again, but couldn’t find anyone. Some strange fear passed down her body and felt cold at her spine. She got goose-bumps as a sensation of fear and tried to run.

She began to run to escape from the place, but something was chasing her, she wasn’t sure whether it was someone or something, all she could hear was only noise, heavy footsteps approaching her, but couldn’t see a person or nothing. Sweat was running through her body and her clothes became wet. She wants to scream her lungs out for help, but couldn’t! She tried hard, but not a word came out of her throat, she felt weak, creepy, struck, numb and helpless!

She started to run again for long distance, but she couldn’t find a path to escape, she suddenly felt that someone placed a hand on her shoulder, she was almost dead of that creepy thing and wondered who it might would be and the fear ran through her nerves and turned to see who it was. It was a big branch and leaves of a tree. She felt little relieved and sat down under the tree.

She felt thirsty, hungry and tired of running. Then she suddenly felt that someone was holding her waist from the back, pulling her down, she thought of moving her legs and getting up, but she couldn’t. All she could feel was paralyzed, she wants to scream high, get rid of it, but couldn’t, she tried hard to move but got struck by something. She started to cry, but no voice came out. She tried hard to move away, but couldn’t. Fear passed down every nerve of her and thought that it might be the last day of her life; she cried all alone, feeling helpless and suddenly she got up from sleep with sweat running down her forehead and neck. She then realized that the thing which she experienced was a bad dream!!





Every second is like an era of pain which passes through every vein,

I was unaware of this nightmare,

Like the bird that flies high in the sky, you went out with a relief of sigh,

Seeing you flying, made me collapsed there and remained crying,

I waited for so long by anticipating you to come along,

With all the feeling of deserted and exasperated, I returned exhausted!

I explored the steps to reach the heights you live in, but failed because those are unapproachable to reach in,

Though they seem to belong way, I tried to climb with all my intensity to reach you,

My eyes glittered to see you and my heart skipped a beat, in reaching you with the descending steps of every foot,

You have transformed and tossed me down,

I cried till my throat became empty and my eyes became fluffy,

A voice from inside, laughed because of me being so naive,

Being decieved&unvalued, my body drowned in the shore and my soul which is the replica of sacred love died to the core!!

This is written in response to Tanya’s Poetry Challenge #3


Hidden feelings

It’s 1.00 am and the weather is windy. Leaves began to fall down from the trees. He couldn’t sleep, so he opened laptop and watched his favorite episode .He couldn’t continue for the second episode. He felt that something is haunting inside him! The wind from the windows waved as a sign of rain. He closed the laptop and went to the book shelf and found a book by famous author. It’s romantic one and he thought that it’s not the time for romance and opened another penny dreadful one of his collection and read few pages, but still he couldn’t feel even the slight change in his mind and heart.
He closed the book and stood near the window and looked outside at the leaves which are moving for the wind. He felt chilled wind touching his forehead and cheeks. His thoughts went back to the days, the days of his happiness, joy, pain! He thought of her, her beautiful divine eyes, her beautiful heart, her angel smile, her love which changed his life, her smell of a fruitful reference. He felt a frozen punch in his heart and he got remembrance of her face when she was on death bed! Her moribund face, her faded smile and her weak body.

He couldn’t grip anymore and he felt a warm tear falling down the cheeks. He cried his heart out. He felt sedated at heart and it started raining. He thought that those raindrops might be her tears that couldn’t see him crying! He remembered his promise to her that he would never cry and fend him and smile all the time and wiped the tears and smiled back at the sky!!A raindrop touched his cheek. He went back to his bed and opened his drawer, looked at the beautiful image of her, hugged the frame and slept!


It’s written in response of Mindlovemiserymenagerie Wordle week #131 Challenge


A letter to future husband!

My dear future husband,

I walked enough miles all alone, looked back at my single footsteps on the ground and imagined your footsteps beside them.

I had enough life waiting for you to come and hold my hand forever.

I faced a lot enough with jerks who always want me in their bed ,but not in my life.

I controlled enough to save my sexy side of me to just show you.

I locked all my wild fantasies, sexiest dreams and crazy thoughts in my heart to share with you.

I have enough mess around me please come and rearrange things and mould them in a beautiful way.

I learnt enough lessons from everyone i met and i don’t want to learn anymore.

I had enough people who left me all alone and made me strong, I’m just waiting you to see my naked soul and let’s make our souls entwined together.

Come and carry me in your arms,  look at me with your heart, hold me tight to your body and teach the essence of true love💜 and show what’s the real beauty in love and  I’ll proudly walk with you to show the world what’s true love  is!


The second Versatile Blogger Award

I’m feeling quite honoured and pleasured for The Versatile Blogger Award.This is my second Versatile Award and i want to thanks Miriam Hurdle for this.Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing inspirational thoughts and you would definitely appreciate her writings.

One amazing thing about Miriam is that she was a cancer survivor and she is one of the strongest and boldest women!! I just inspired by her posts and i just love her attitude. I truly consider and accept this award only for Miriam ♥and i gave a word that I will work on this .So here are few lines for her.

Award rules:

  • Thanks for the person who nominated you.
  • Share the award in your blog.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Tag 15 follow bloggers and let them know that they have been .

Seven random facts about me:

1⃣ I’m a nature lover and i love to enjoy and spend my time in nature’s lap mostly.I love to visit new places like seashores, waterfalls, forests,hillstations,rivers where i can find peace.

2⃣ I’m kind to animals but i hate to touch because they will be soo smooth and fluffy 😮and i get goose bumps when i touch them.I hate snakes and lizards ewwwww😫 and a bit afraid of dogs!

3⃣ I love to be independent,self esteemed and practical most of the time.I just heal myself emotionally when I’m not good and even at my worst times because ,i don’t want throw my shit on some other people and beg for a shoulder.If someone offers it purposefully, i won’t deny it. I just hate to cry infront of people and i cry all alone where people won’t able to notice me.I will be defenitely available to offer my hand and shoulder when people need me!

4⃣ I won’t judge anyone and if someone judges me,i won’t give a fuck because it’s all about my life,my rules and my choices.I do feel regret for many of my mistakes and still feel for them, but i never let others know and I’m happy because everything happens for a reason and every shitty person cross our life to make us learn something.So because of all my problems i am a strong and better person now and i just try to live happily everyday because there is only a single unguaranteed life ,so one should enjoy it to the fullest!

5⃣ As a girl of 25 years i have faced a lot and went through tough and bad times in my life.I am talkative to people whom i trust and love them.I will be friendly , jovial and love people unconditionally but once if i get a hatred feeling on someone and if someone ditches me, i will never ever see their face for my entire life.

6⃣ I just love to help people. I’m not wealthy by money but I’m wealthy as a human being ,i have every organ perfect in my body and i want to help people in some other way till they work perfectly. I do visit orphanages for my b’day and some special ocassions and give them little things which i can afford with my own money. I believe that serving to poor is like serving to god🙏!

7⃣ I just love being natural in physical wise or in attitude.I Just don’t act and i maintain distance from the people who acts.I am frank and straightforward person. I just do what i love ,no matter what people blabber.I believe artificial things are just temporary and i don’t like being dramatic and fake.I don’t go for heavy makeup because even i feel that as an artificial one.So
i just show the curves of my smile and spread it to people and make them happy around me😊.

So here are my nominations for the award

These are not only the blogs which i like ,but there are many and i need to choose only few as per the rule i did it.Do visit these blogs which has amazing writings and you can find the people with great inspirational thoughts.

I just want to thank 🙏 Miriam once again because when i started this post ,i just went with the flow ,but when i started writing the facts about me, i felt a strange,different unknown happiness that came out and felt so lite after writing this post😊.