Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin is huge whereas the seeds inside that will be tiny.Only the tiny seed knew thay it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness ,struggle to reach the light in order to grow as a huge tasty pumpkin.People consider fruit,but forget about the seed which struggled to reach that stage and the faith it has to spring uo as a plant to give fruits.

Weekly TLT Challenge by Only 100 words


Sister’s Love


Happiness is having a sister who loves you,cares you,adores you,admires you,inspires you what not? Do whatever for you,criticise you but never allows others to do,fights with you for silly things but fights for you when you are in need. She is the one who understands you ,who taps at your back at weak times and who argues with you but never leaves you alone,she is the one who shares all the deepest things of yours and never let anyone knows about them.

She is your first bestie ,a substitute of mother and father sometimes,she is the one who drenches in rain along with you and do all the craziest things. She is the one who wears your clothes,who shares your bed till you get married,who use your books and all the things of yours. She is your midnight companion ,your partner in crime,she is one of the lovely person who knows very well about you. She is the one who makes you to think you are nothing without her,she is the piece of your heart. She is the most wonderful. Gift from your parents and an angel from heaven.
No matter how old you become and how much you grow ,sisters are meant to be a part of everything in you and Will be loving each other forever.