Dare to dream!

Dare to dream only  if,

 You have the power to control desires,

And face the real life.

Weekly Challenge : haiku Dare,dream



Breathe new!

Breathe the new fresh air,

Exhaling the old stuff that lingered inside,

To rejuvenate innersoul from stress.

Weekly haiku challenge :Breathe ,new
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Power and Race

One needs power to win,

The race of life which is tough,

To handle every juncture excellently.

weekly haiku challenge



Creepy thoughts spreaded the room,

Collective hysteria has taken over the doom, 

Heart raced with horror thoughts!!

This post is written in response of Ronovan’s Weekly haiku challenge and Daily Post



Hearts and petals

Petals of roses falls on heart,
While the drops of morning dew roll down,
When our hearts are entwined together.

Haiku weekly challenge : Hearts and Petals