People in Life

Some people come suddenly into our life with no reason,

Some leave in the middle when we need them the most,

Some stay with us even though we don’t want them to,

Some come at right time ,when we need help,

Some learn from  us,some teach us lessons,some hurt us,some love us,some get loved,some care us,some forgive us,some get forgived,some get cared,

Whatever the reason it might be some people always stay at a special place in our life,no matter what they do,it might be wrong or right,

We admire some and adore some, we inspire some and get inspired,

Some love us,care for us, but they remain as friends,well wishers and caretakers,

Some will just meet once and become as partner for life,

Some are really close to us but expects privacy and some are just friends with no secrets and regrets,

Some people are fake and some are genuine ,some are honest and some are loyal,some are kind and some are some are rude,some acts and some reacts,

Some stay forever and some will come back never,

Whoever leaves and whoever comes the only person to stay with you forever and the only person who loves ,cares and can makeyou ultimately happy is yourself. 





I love myself because I won’t ditch and leave me alone anytime.
I worship myself because I’m the one who stands by myself and helps me to face the stuff.
I admire myself because I’m me always and I never act as fake.
I care for myself because I’m the one whom I can to share everything with.
I trust myself because I never let myself down and never let all my secrets out.
I pamper myself because I’m the one who helps me out to come out of the moody situation.
I have faith in me because I’ll always do good for myself.
I believe in me because I never judge myself,
I can be as myself because I’m happy with me and I don’t need someone to make myself happy!
I’m not a narcissist, but I love myself more than anyone do!


Love yourself

Love yourself, no matter how ugly you look in the mirror,just love yourslef. No matter how many people hates you or how many people you hate for whatever reason it is,just love yourslef.No matter how many broke your heart, how many rejected you, and how many people you have rejected , just love yourslefNo matter how rude you behave at odd times,no matter how you are treated by others and no matter how many people you had treated bad,just love yourslef! no matter how fat you are,how short you are and no matter how you look , just love yourslef!no matter how intelligent you are or how coward you are or how dumb you are how stupid you are or how cunning you are or how pessimistic you are ,just love yourself!

No matter how many people loves you,no matter how many people you have loved and how many people you are still in love with,just love yourself! No matter how people betrayed you,how many got ditched by you, how many people are still into you , just love yourself! No matter how your life sucks now, no matter how much it relished once, no matter how much you faced with life ,just love yourself. No matter what’s your nature and character just love yourself.No matter you are a copycat or unique or lazy or active or energetic or whatever you are, just love yourself!no matter how you judge people or how people judge you and no matter how much you love to live your life,just love yourself.No matter you are alone or in a wrong realtionship and no matter how much you know that what you doing is wrong ,just love yourself.No matter how you are,what you are,who you are and no matter what , just love yourself to stay happy and lite!You didn’t born to impress people and love others all the time,just be yourself and love yourself!

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have!”



Never be a Copycat🐈

Well! i have seen many people trying to copy others and trying to be as another ones.I hate being as someone else or to act as someone else because we are born unique and one should be unique in their own way!

“It’s better to fail in originality than to get succeeded in imitation”.

Never ever be afraid of being different, be afraid of being same as everyone else. People tend to maintain the same status as others,tend to build their homes as others and they even study the same courses because everyone else are doing it!when you try to be as someone,you will always stuck in yourself and you will always be one step ahead of everything. 

There is nothing wrong in competing or comparing with others, but you will always resemble them and you can never be them. Following someone and considering someone as your role models is fine but fine because you can learn something from their achievements and you have to be something different for poeple to chose you as their role model.

In the world of copycats being yourself is liberal&powerful.When you do something new, this world laughs then they copy. Trying to be unique and following your own path is not a crime or bad, only fools who are jealous of your own style who can’t compete with you laughs at your uniqueness. When they laugh at you, just smile&say thanks and show them your beautiful unique path and tell them that they can never ever get into your path and they can never be yourself!

“Real people produce originality then think , write but never read of others posts to copy to follow and the copycats follow exactly the opposite direction i.e read of others posts, write but never produce originality!”


Live every moment

Have you ever smiled even at the tough situation? If yes this is for you!Well anyone will smile at the joyous moments,but the one who smiles even at the worst situation is the most strongest person.

 To live is the rarest thing in this world.Most of the people just exist that is all!

People grew stronger based on the situations they undergo,if we struck with some problem that doesn’t mean that life has ended over there,that is the way to stay strong,learn different things and moving on with the life.

Life teach us lessons,teach us to grow independently,teach us to be strong enough to face toughest situations later, teach us.

  • If you are facing tough situation in life currently ,just thanks life because you got an another chance to know who you are and to know who are your true persons to be in our life.
  • Just thanks life and do your own work as usual so that even problems will be wondered by your attitude and the way you are facing it!!