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It’s the pandemic, not a productivity Race!

IDK who wants to see this… Eating Maggi on few days is okay, Binge watching is okay, overburning the food is okay, Feeling sad is absolutely okay, not working hard is okay, procrastinating is completely fine!  We are alive and healthy, thats the most all-embracing thing in the current condition, no matter what, you are […]

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A post about the Woman!

Have you ever noticed a woman with tough attitude and strong enough to protect herself from this world? If you see such woman respect her and give a smile. Every woman has a past, some were physically abused, some grown up all alone, some had violent parents, some has issues with their own body, some […]

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Mind and Heart!

There will be always an inconsistency between mind and heart!At some situations, mind says something where heart opposes it.The battle between mind and heart will be like what I know VS what I feel! Mind always says that I’m “fat”, the very first word when I look into the mirror, but my mind comforts with a word […]

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I love myself because I won’t ditch and leave me alone anytime. I worship myself because I’m the one who stands by myself and helps me to face the stuff. I admire myself because I’m me always and I never act as fake. I care for myself because I’m the one whom I can to share everything with. […]