I’m really happy to say that my blog is one year old today ,happy anniversary to Sasha’s Writings. Okay ,i know that i’m  acting little weird but i’m really happy and glad to do this.

It’s a quite long and blissful journey of one year ,i have 591 followers now ,which is not a bad number i guess,but each and every one of you means a lot to me.Here, i met many great people with great personalities and people who are really friendly here. People over here write their heart out and inspire all others. Thanks to lot eachband everyone of you for your support amd love🙂There are people who supported me by commenting genuinely. My special thanks to Sav ,Enigma , Neal ,Rajath , Raki , RanjeetaRobertaPimentel,  AmitavMiriam ,Ajay , DavidSnape , PrakashMirrorGirl , Elaine ,  JacquelineRoseelaine , RomanusMinion , AyokaArtistMikael,  Radhika , Angela , Brenda , Saraa , Anushree ,TanyaRavishraj,Aditi ,  BeingAmulya ,Samantha ,  Lathiya , Moushmi ,Seenu , Lovey , Monika,  Jamila , SpandanChavan , Steeve , Michael ,Arusuvaiunavu , Miracle ,  CreativeWorld ,WorldforWomen , Dilkiaawazsuno ,AvinashDas , RJ,  WetBliss , Cyranny , Trav , Dilip , Vikas , CandlesOnline ,Jennifer , Passionist ,   Prachi ,HenrittaWatson , RajkrishnaSimpleme , Ananya,   Janaki , Martha ,Shivakumar , Andrei ,Harshuweb, Curryncode,  Tranquility , Arpitbind , Eddaz , AlwaysMomHassanIrfan , MsB ,  UpenReddy , BreaktimeStories ,SyedSabah , Mary ,  Momma’sview ,  EttaNocturnalMandibelle ,Robin , Vonita , Revhead, Nicky ,  Betcha , koolkosherkitchen , Pamela , Amogh , Spardha , Jaycolby ,  Ajayvyas ,  Priyadarshini , Bursh , Currynode , Livingme , Sudershana,  Misery,  DannyAdelinaPatricia , BlackGirldown , SudhirChauhan , Shaylon , Haze ,  WorldsbeautywebMindloveMisery , Razz , DomNezel Young , Zee

If i get a chance,i would like to meet everyone and hug you all as a gratitude and want to thanks each and everyone directly!

Everyone of you please grab a chair and enjoy!I would like to arrange a small treat for everyone on this special day!I’m inviting each and every one of you,please do visit and lets have fun!

Enjoy this little treat and introduce yourselves  to one another and let’s have fun!



Let’s meet up!

A chance to meet fellow bloggers and get to know them more personally! Cheers to Sav for bringing up such a wonderful idea as this!

Goin' the extra..aaamile

Ever wondered what will happen if a bunch of bloggers are stuck in a lift with the current out?

You’d think they’d blog about it right?  #BloggerInstincts

But then what if there’s no mobile signal available in the lift? 

The next best option then would be to talk to each other and get to know one another better right..and maybe by the time the current is back, you’ve made new friends.

Now Imagine this…

The same scenario, only this time, instead of a pokey lift, you’re in a much larger hall, surrounded with fellow bloggers with music, entertainment with lots to eat & drink.

Can you see yourself there? U can..? Excellent!! 🙂

Read further…

A fellow blogger and myself were flirting with the idea of having most/all of us [more the merrier] bloggers meet up under one roof for a day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of…

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25th Birthday💥🎂🍭🍫

Birthdays are so exciting and joyful.They give you the happiness to for the whole next year !i really felt so blessed and honoured for all the warm wishes from the people whom i love the most.

First I’m so blessed for the family who makes me happy at all the time😊

These are the gifts which i got from my sister who is the my piece of heart ,she collected all of my paintings,drawings collection  and made them to spiral binding,and the chocolates mmmmm yummy😋 i just love them.Everything which she gave is awesome.

Secondly ,raki who is my bestie wished me in a different way by his post thanks for the warm wishes raki..quite happy for this😀

Hapiness to me is doing what i love.I just love to spend most of the time at Orphanage.So i went there today and spend time over there. I’m so flattered by the warm welcome of the children when they saw me.A little girl came and hugged me when she saw me near the door!!I spent time with them and they made me to smile with thier dances and songs!!

I have the habit of doing something new for each and every birthday as it’s a sign of new beginning for the whole year . So this year i pierced my nose Ooooo it’s paining, but yet its good to feel the pain because i loved to do it and i did it!Doing what you love gives you the ultimate happiness😊

The wishes by Success inspires world, completed my day. Thanks a lot for Rajneetha and  Romanus who are handling Birthday club and Success Inspirers World. Through this way ,they are making people feel happy , special and wonderful  with the the warm wishes , support and love💜.I felt really honoured to be a part of this!

If someone asks me what i want for my birthday ,I will say that i want more.More love,more joy,more laughter,more fun,more peace,more good days than bad days,simply more😊