Love someone💝

Love someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach at the first sight or glance of seeing them.

Love someone who shows you what’s life is not who teach you what’s life is.

Love someone who can listen to the music if your heartbeat at your first hug.

Love someone who loves you wholeheartedly ,not someone who accepted you.

Love someone who consider you as priority not as a choice.

Love someone who expresses the little things they love about you.

Love someone who stands and tap your shoulder at your odds and never leave your hand at bad times.

Love someone who is honest in expressing what they don’t like.

Love someone who expresses their love in different ways,who expresses whenever they feel.

Love someone who always tells you how much you mean to them and how much they need you and how much they will miss your presence!

Love someone who consider you as a best Friend and best respect you as a better person.

Love someone who doesn’t show inequality in gender,treats you with all the respect and consider you as a special one.

Love someone who always want to be beside you no matter how old you grow and no matter how your body changes according to time.

Love someone who seeks your advice in most important things and follows your paths at some situations.

Love someone who want to be happy with you , who makes you happy and who feels proud to be with you.

Love someone who sees millions of tears in your fake smiles.

Love someone who sees your naked face and admires the curves of your smile not someone who sees your curves of the naked body!



True agony!

Only the cheeks know the weight of the tears falling down.

Only the silent night knows the screams of the inner voice suppressed in a pillow.

Only the pillow knows the depth of the situation.

Only the eyes knows how blurry those are filled with tears.

Only the lips knows how to suppress the noise of the agony.

Only the stars,moon and black clouds know how long we gaze at them at night from the balcony by sitting alone and wiping tears.

Only the throat knows what’s that lump which is unable to come out.

Only the heart knows how bad it hurts to cry each night for the same reason again and again and keep all the pain within us.

Only the mind knows how many million times does it hear the same lines “why the fuck me life ?why always me?”!

Only we know how to hide the pain and smile next day ,as if you are the most happiest person on this whole earth!!

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Romantic Love

You came as a cool breeze and touched my soul.

Like the seashells and pebbles  in the shore you touched my feet and tickled them.

Like the waves touched the shore ,you touched my heart and gave me butterflies by your soothe touch.

Like the moon fills the dark sky ,you lit my heart as a moth of candle flame and put my heart on fire.

Like the slowly roasted coffee beans,you made me to get addicted to you by each growing day with you.

Like the earth longs for rain,you made me to long for your erotic looks,sensible touch,deep lovable kisses and your love which completes me.


Don’t promise,just prove!

I don’t want to spend time with you now,but i Wana live with you for years,

I won’t say i love you, but I’ll say i wana live with you forever,

I don’t want you to glance at me, instead i want you to look deep into my eyes and make me to forget this world,

I don’t wanna stay safe with someother person ,instead i wana stay beside you in storm,

I don’t want you to make me laugh instead stay in my life and smile with me each and everyday,

I don’t want you only to wipe my tears at my odd times ,but also tap my back and stand for me at my odds and lift me to the sky at my highs,

I don’t want you to make me feel Perfect,but i want you to make me feel that I’m complete,

I don’t wan you to dance with me in the rain,but i want you to sit in the couch and watch me dancing in the rain with your adorable eyes and wonderful smile,

I don’t wana promise you anything because promises might break someday,but i can hold your hand and look into your eyes so that our eyes gets locked and speak to each other and I’ll prove you by  staying  forever in ♥ with you!!


Senses of Love

I can see galaxies in your eyes when you look at me,

I can listen to music in your heartbeat,

I can feel butterflies in my stomach when you come closer,

I can speak to you continuously for years by placing my head on your shoulder,

I can walk many miles by holding your hand forever,

I can cross and face many struggles just to stay with you in your life ad to hold your hand,

I can wait for the years to wakeup next to you everyday,

I can dance in the rain with you and Sing all the songs which my heart composes for you,

I look aside from you sometimes because it’s just to be careful so that i may fall in love with you once again if i look into your deep memorising eyes and lost myself in your warm love 💜.


Feelings of love

Love comes suddenly in our life,it catches us when we don’t expect,it won’t give us chance to run away,before even we realize what’s happening,it goes deep inside the heart and grow from within.

It becomes a part of our life and it turns as a big surprise. 

It makes you smile like the way you never did before,like a fresh flower which blooms at dawn,

It makes you to shine so bright as the rising sun between the clouds,

It makes your heart to play song with your own composition,

It makes you to fly with the wings like a swan in a lake,

It makes you to breathe with all the joy as the fresh water flows down the river,

It makes you to feel wonderful as a rainbow, special as an angel ,brightful as a star and beautiful as the full moon.

You will never forget the sweetest moments it revives,it shows all the wonderful things ,no matter what will wait for you at the end!!



A Note for Him💛

I want to be as your wife, for the rest of your life,

I can walk for miles to see your smiles,

To hold your hand and walk forever in the beach of sand,

To kiss you everyday ,as there is no other day,

To fly like a dove as your sparkling  love,

To stop the time ,so that you can be forever mine,

To feel the pleasure of sleeping with you as a foremost treasure,

To feel your essence with each second of your presence,

To feel lost in your love as a colourful rainbow,

To grow old with loving heart, where even death can’t make us apart!!

Poetry Challenge


Breaking through

​There is always a storm before calm,
There is always a darkness before daylight,
There is always a war before peace,
There is always turbulence before quitness,
There is always a sacrifice before a great victory,
There is always pain before joy,
There is always a set before set,
There is always awaiting before a breakthrough ,
There is always prayer before an answer,
There is always a failures before success,

There is always a girl before turning to woman,
There is always a seed before a tree,
There is always a child before turning a parent,
There is always a great love story before a breakup,
There is always pregnancy before the birth of a new born baby!