One word Photo Challenge

These are entires for One word Photo challenge by Jennifer nichole wells and the theme is dirt.

Though this mud is filthy they give place for a beautiful plants and trees!



Flame of Love


“Love is a flame to burn out human wills, Love is a flame to set the will on fire , love is like an eternal flame,once it is lit,it can’t be blown out by anyone it will continue to lit all the time till the end”



Be as a Queen👑

In every girl there is a queen who is capable of handling the shit happening in life!i never wish to be my dad’s little princess instead i always wish to be a spinster queen who protects my dad’s kingdom as a warrior untill i get married and untill my own king arrives!

“Don’t be a Queen waiting for a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom till the King arrives”.

If you can’t be as a warrior ,then be as a queen who can atleast advice her king! it’s the most effective way to live as a warrior . A warrior may worry and think before making any decision ,but once he/she  makes it ,they go in their own way. Free from worries or thoughts;there will be million other decisions still awaiting him. That’s the warriors way! Be like that.

Even after getting married there is nothing wrong to be as a married queen who is a half part of the king because a king is nothing without a queen and every man needs a queen in his life when it’s mess ,because just like in a game of chess,queen protects the king! 

“A queen on her throne is a woman who has mattered heself.She is not perfect ,but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within. She is uncovered her powers and she knows how to use them.She will never go along the path ,she will always become the path!”

Every man likes his woman to be protective and conquer on her own with or without his existence. A warrior queen brings stability to king’s life.She doesn’t creates problems, she solves them. She doesn’t seduce him with her body;she simulates with her mind.She shines light into her darkness,She doesn’t settle;she inspires growth.She doesn’t fit in with the rest;she stands out.

Being as a queen doesn’t mean as being mercyless. Every girl should be as a warrior in when life is mess and should be able to clear all the mess with her own swords!!


Mom’s Advice

It’s a misty morning where Rachel is primping in front of mirror for her favorite get-together after long years. She is happy with what she has now and very excited to see her old friends after a long span of time. Anu, Rachel’s daughter who is 31 year old is lost into her thoughts. Rachel was observing her by looking at her from the mirror and thought that she was not seemed to be quite happy since yesterday!

Rachel: “Anu! Is everything fine with you?”

Anu: “I don’t know mom”.

Rachel:”I have been observing you, from the day you came here and you don’t seem to be happy at all”.

Anu started crying and Rachel came to her who is sitting on a bed with cross-legged. Rachel hugged her and passed the tissue to her to wipe the tears.

Rachel: Honey! Why are you crying like this? I haven’t seen you crying in recent years! What’s the reason for this? Tell me I will help you in all the possible ways!

Anu: My relationship is not going well with my husband mom. He is not the same as once he was during college. I loved him so much and now being with him is like a torture.

Rachel: hmmm….baby you are observing change in him, but did you observe change in yourself?

Anu looked puzzled at her mom and said “change in me? I’m the same mom. It’s him who changed now, who has time for everything except for me and who is ignoring me these days.”

Rachel: “Honey! Let me tell you one thing, i am not telling that total mistake lies with you, but even you are responsible for whatever happens in your relationship! See me and your dad were once lovers, now we are happy couple and living happily together. Even I faced a lot at the starting year of my wedding, later I understood the changes and adapted to them.”

Anu: “Don’t blame dad mom! He is a nice person. He will never hurt you as nick is hurting me now!”

Rachel: ummm…she sat on bed cross legged and took anu’s hand and kissed her. “Okay dear! Now tell me what all changes you have observed and what all the problems you are facing with Nick till now, we will sort this out. It’s a promise!”

Anu: “Mom can’t tell you because its not a single change and single thing. There is no point in sorting things out and all. I just want to stay away from him for couple of months!”

Rachel: “Later? After couple if months everything will be solved? Do you think this is the ultimate solution now?”

Anu: ———————– Silence ————————————— after few minutes “okay mom listen, he is coming home late every day, but I thought it’s okay because he is working hard, he is not spending time with me, he doesn’t want to  have dinner with me, he is not bothered about me, he got promotion last week and he didn’t tell me that ,i got to know from his colleagues. I’m all alone at home and he is least bothered about how I feel the whole day! Now he got his own world, his office, his colleagues, his parties and who knows may be dates even! In college I was his world and he used to be with me, only with me, now he has got another world of happiness.”

Rachel: Smiled at her daughter’s innocence and said “let me ask you few questions honey .When he is coming home late did you ever ask the reason?

Anu: “Why should I? Isn’t that his responsibility to inform?”

Rachel: “You are taking things in a wrong way dear. When you were in love his staple goal is to marry you and achieve you happily, now he got that, so his goal will be changed .His goal will be to take good care and working hard for your own family!

Anu is listening carefully to her mom…

When he arrived late it’s you who should ask how his day was, then it will be as a stress reliever to him. When he is not calling you, why can’t you call and ask whether he is coming home for dinner or tell the plan that you want to go out for dinner! He might want to surprise you this weekend about his promotion, when you came to know by his colleagues, why didn’t you plan and throw a surprise party to him? Anu! You are the who chose to be at home. Nick left it to your choice he said “you can stay at home or you can’t work it’s your choice” right?

He has his own World, yes you are right! Everyone should have their own anu. Now I’m not asking your father to involve in this get-together , because it’s my own world of friends and I’m going to enjoy it, that doesn’t means that I’m ignoring your father. We both love each other that don’t means that one’s freedom needs to be affected and both should be together always! Tell me how your sex life is”?

Anu felt strange and remained silent for few seconds and said “I don’t have any problem with that. His intimacy is same on bed”.

Rachel: “You said there might be dates with others, if in that case why your sex life will be amazing? Can’t he go and have sex with his date-chicks? Anu! Let me tell you life is not so easy and do love? It’s complicated but it’s us who should make it liter and get immersed in love.

In a relationship giving is the first thing and later what you get in return doesn’t matter because it’s not a business! May be nick doesn’t have time to give and show his love, so you start doing it. I know he loves you so much and how much he struggled to marry you, so leaving him for couple of months for small reasons don’t work and it’s not good at your part! If you love a person, you should support them at odd times and understand them!

Anu No relationship can survive without trust, honesty and communication, no matter how close you are”.

Anu hugged her mother and kissed her .She now knew what to do and went happily to her home to express her love to her beloved husband!



Second thoughts

Do you think second thoughts and second chances are genuine than first’s? Whatever it is first is always first and second thoughts and second chances are always second though you have found the second thoughts as a right one! When you have second thoughts about something and when our first thoughts don’t seem like thoughts at all,they are Just unnecessary feelings that are stopping you from doing the particular work!

When you think the situation is right and what you are doing is right ,no matter what people say , just go for it.Dont have any other second thought of it! At some cases having second thought is always fine. If someone betrays you ,giving you second chance is not always fine because once a cheater,always they will be the same,so before giving them second chances have second thought and act according to your heart and mind!

Once in a while you start having second thoughts, just recapture everything once that is flickering in your mind and think “is this second thought really necessary?!”then you will have the right decision regarding going with the second thought or continuing for second!Some people often say that second thoughts are always best ,so they might be matters of judgment ,but not in matters of conscience!


My feelings

Today’s daily post will suit better for my day!Something is haunting me from inside! what’s that? what’s that evil thing which I’m not aware of?what is making me to feel like this?this is an irksome day which i hate it to the most! I don’t feel like eating anything,i don’t feel like doing anything now, but what’s this mazed state of my mind. Why am i feeling like this?is this because of my bad day at work?i miss something now,is that my mom’s lap?no it’s not!is that my bestie’s hug?i clearly don’t know! I’m vexed with this! I don’t wana speak to anyone and i don’t wana do anything,but i feel like writing,keeping all my thoughts,pain here!

I don’t feel like crying,but i feel a lump in my throat!i can’t do things properly! I’m the one who loves myself the most , but now, even i feel like hating myself,but why?? Why is that??is this happening to only me or will this happen to everyone? So many thoughts are wandering in my mind!i feel my head heavy and heart too! sorrow filled in stomach but i don’t know how to let this feeling out of me!

Love yourself

Love yourself, no matter how ugly you look in the mirror,just love yourslef. No matter how many people hates you or how many people you hate for whatever reason it is,just love yourslef.No matter how many broke your heart, how many rejected you, and how many people you have rejected , just love yourslefNo matter how rude you behave at odd times,no matter how you are treated by others and no matter how many people you had treated bad,just love yourslef! no matter how fat you are,how short you are and no matter how you look , just love yourslef!no matter how intelligent you are or how coward you are or how dumb you are how stupid you are or how cunning you are or how pessimistic you are ,just love yourself!

No matter how many people loves you,no matter how many people you have loved and how many people you are still in love with,just love yourself! No matter how people betrayed you,how many got ditched by you, how many people are still into you , just love yourself! No matter how your life sucks now, no matter how much it relished once, no matter how much you faced with life ,just love yourself. No matter what’s your nature and character just love yourself.No matter you are a copycat or unique or lazy or active or energetic or whatever you are, just love yourself!no matter how you judge people or how people judge you and no matter how much you love to live your life,just love yourself.No matter you are alone or in a wrong realtionship and no matter how much you know that what you doing is wrong ,just love yourself.No matter how you are,what you are,who you are and no matter what , just love yourself to stay happy and lite!You didn’t born to impress people and love others all the time,just be yourself and love yourself!

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have!”




There will be times where we can’t take our own decisions ,we will be confused,will will be broken, we will not be able to decide which path to go, then never go to decisions based on others or based on some thing else.

 “Never base your life decision on advice from people who don’t have to deal with the results” .

People who doesn’t clearly knows what’s happening with your life doesn’t have anything to do with their own decisions. So never listen to people about your own life decisions.If you don’t know what to do with the present situation, take time ,think till you get set and think twice and then go for it!


Never be a Copycat🐈

Well! i have seen many people trying to copy others and trying to be as another ones.I hate being as someone else or to act as someone else because we are born unique and one should be unique in their own way!

“It’s better to fail in originality than to get succeeded in imitation”.

Never ever be afraid of being different, be afraid of being same as everyone else. People tend to maintain the same status as others,tend to build their homes as others and they even study the same courses because everyone else are doing it!when you try to be as someone,you will always stuck in yourself and you will always be one step ahead of everything. 

There is nothing wrong in competing or comparing with others, but you will always resemble them and you can never be them. Following someone and considering someone as your role models is fine but fine because you can learn something from their achievements and you have to be something different for poeple to chose you as their role model.

In the world of copycats being yourself is liberal&powerful.When you do something new, this world laughs then they copy. Trying to be unique and following your own path is not a crime or bad, only fools who are jealous of your own style who can’t compete with you laughs at your uniqueness. When they laugh at you, just smile&say thanks and show them your beautiful unique path and tell them that they can never ever get into your path and they can never be yourself!

“Real people produce originality then think , write but never read of others posts to copy to follow and the copycats follow exactly the opposite direction i.e read of others posts, write but never produce originality!”