Every second is like an era of pain which passes through every vein,

I was unaware of this nightmare,

Like the bird that flies high in the sky, you went out with a relief of sigh,

Seeing you flying, made me collapsed there and remained crying,

I waited for so long by anticipating you to come along,

With all the feeling of deserted and exasperated, I returned exhausted!

I explored the steps to reach the heights you live in, but failed because those are unapproachable to reach in,

Though they seem to belong way, I tried to climb with all my intensity to reach you,

My eyes glittered to see you and my heart skipped a beat, in reaching you with the descending steps of every foot,

You have transformed and tossed me down,

I cried till my throat became empty and my eyes became fluffy,

A voice from inside, laughed because of me being so naive,

Being decieved&unvalued, my body drowned in the shore and my soul which is the replica of sacred love died to the core!!

This is written in response to Tanya’s Poetry Challenge #3



Seasonal smile

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge It’s not the time of year without ….

 Clouds covering the hills 

                       Araku hill station

Rain all over


Green fields 

                         Araku valley

I perdonally love Araku valley and i do visir this place once in a year!It is a must to visit place especially in netween October to January where we can see fresh flowers bloomed,clouds that lies in between the hills and the green fields everywhere! I feel so fresh and this place automatically brings smile on my face😊



©Sasha’s art

This is the picture which is painted on a chart sheet.

©sasha’s art

It’s now transformed into a beautiful one which i framed it on my room’s wall!

©Sasha’s art

©Sasha’s art

At the initial stage it was just the tree with dried apperance ,but when i drew it completely it’s now transmogrified into a beautiful piece of love!

I just love to draw and paint and it’s my favorite pastime.I start drawing something messy and at the end of it turns into a beautiful one.

Weekly Photo Challenge :Transmogrify

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin is huge whereas the seeds inside that will be tiny.Only the tiny seed knew thay it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness ,struggle to reach the light in order to grow as a huge tasty pumpkin.People consider fruit,but forget about the seed which struggled to reach that stage and the faith it has to spring uo as a plant to give fruits.

Weekly TLT Challenge by Only 100 words

Angel of Light

One should be as the light in the dark, be as the calm in the storm, be with peace at war, be as love to the loneliness, be as smile in the sorrows, be as the lighthouse which stands as an angel of light along with the deep sea.

Weekly TLT Challenge by Only 100 words


Happiness is home🏠

As per the weekly theme, my point of view about local is home which is happiness,joy and all time favourite place to stay in whatever wish i want!


An uninvited guest appeared this morning in the balcony to steal the coconuts which are kept by mom to keep them dry.

Home is not just a place,its the place to feel comfortable with the comfortable people whom you can belive and share everything in the whole world.

My favourite thing about home is watching the sunset and drinking my favo coffee,gazing at sky when it is filled with fullmoon and stars and watching empty noises on empty roads is my happiness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Local


Heart Break💔

Everyone at some point in their life has to experience it and you know what?let me tell you it is the most painful part of life a person has to go through.When you get your heart broken,it feels like it shattered into million pieces,It is like a person stamped over your heart with high heels.
It’s like your heart is being shredded into pieces,cut up and thrown away in the trash.It hurts you emotionally and physically.Getting heart broken emotionally effects you physically!!

You cry and cry and wish it wasn’t like this.You wish it was just a temporary nightmare,but the truth is it’s not , it’s reality which is hard to digest and bitter to swallow.And you are just going to accept the pain and all.

Sometimes you can’t express how it is ,you can’t cry louder,you cry silently when everyone are asleep so that they wouldn’t hear you.You feel it in your throat and your eyes becomes blurry because of the tears.You Just want to scream on top of the sky ,but you can’t . You just hold your breath and grab your stomach to keep quiet.The one where you cannot hold it any longer nor cannot express it out.Finally you think of the person who broke your heart and realize that they are not in your life anymore and the one who means you the most has gone!!

Weekly Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity