A post about the Woman!

Have you ever noticed a woman with tough attitude and strong enough to protect herself from this world? If you see such woman respect her and give a smile. Every woman has a past, some were physically abused, some grown up all alone, some had violent parents, some has issues with their own body, some has undergone sexual abuse from their own family and some were abused by others.

Some had messed up love stories, some were forced into sex in the name of love. Some had been date raped, some have been gone through tough times, some has been photographed on a bed, some had a bad boyfriend, some has been blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, some has menstrual problems, some had been in abusive relationship. Some had a broken family, some had a divorce, some has been cheated in the name of love. Some had financial issues, some had obesity issues, some had a few unsuccessful suicide attempts and some had alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

Some might have seen true love, some might have faced an abusive boyfriend, some might be beaten by a callous husband, some might have been truly loved, some might be been cheated in the name of it.

If you see a woman, who went through any of this, who has already gone through all this, tied her hair up, masked her sorrows into a divine smile, stood tall and strong, walked towards her bright future despite of what all shed once had and what all she has now, because she still has some hope left inside her and has not given up on the concept of true love does exist in this world, don’t poke her or stab her with her past.Don’t confront her, don’t abuse her more because she already had enough. Just give a way to her and smile at her, if possible just walk along with her. If you get a chance, hold her hand and you will get to know how sweet her soul is and how strong her hopes are! You will be amazed to see such a strong and tough woman who is still standing strong despite all the energy has been sucked out.

She need not always be only the woman next door or from a different home. She could be your own sister, your own friend, your own girlfriend, your own wife and might be your own mother. Don’t judge her by her past, no matter what,  gift her a peaceful life she deserves, holds her hand against the world which knows only to judge, tap her back at her odds and see how beautiful she smiles and make you feel the pride to have her!



Real curves of woman!


Does beauty mean having a perfect shape? The word beautiful defines perfect curves, but curves mean having a perfect personality? According to me, having perfect curves means having the perfect curve of lips, a perfect smile to conquer the world. A smile is the most beautiful curve of a woman’s body! A woman’s beauty all depends upon how she carries herself and how she enhances her beauty which she has.

The word b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l itself is curvy so why a woman shouldn’t be!? Every woman is beautiful in her own way, the only thing is about how others perceive.

A woman is beautiful when she tries to speak something or express something with her eyes, see the beautiful curve of her eyes…

A woman is beautiful when she smiles wholeheartedly, see the beautiful curve of her lips…

A woman is beautiful when she blushes and smiles naturally, see the beautiful curves of her cheeks…

A woman is beautiful when she cook something for you and when she feeds you with her own hands; see the beautiful curves of her hands…

A woman is beautiful when she comes to you by running, just to give you a hug after a tiresome day, see the beautiful curves of her feet…

A woman is beautiful when she forgives after all the shit you make, see the beautiful curves of her kind heart…

A woman is beautiful when she tries to advise or work for her family, in spite of her tiresome life and works equally to a man, see the beautiful curves of her mind…

A woman is beautiful when she shows her love to make you smile, see the beautiful curves of her loving heart…

A woman is beautiful when she loves you so much and surrenders herself to you while making love, see the beautiful curves of her naked soul!

Dear Men! “Just admire, adore, and compliment a woman as the way she is. She might be short, curvy, skinny, tall, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is her caring nature and loving heart! The true beauty of the woman is reflected in her soul!”

Dear fellow women! Remember that “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful!”


Last post of 2016

This is my lasy post of 2016 …

I have learnt a lot this year and i achieved few things and blogging is one of them, because i had the idea of blogging but never started ,so this year i did that and I’m successful in that.I am quite happy with that. I have lost few things this year and it really gave me absolute pain,but i don’t want to worry about it because it’s life after all and pain,sorrow, happiness are part of it and it will turn better someday!

Every year i have the habit of welcoming new year with all the smiles and with great joy,but inspite of welcoming in a warm way ,it gives me shit all the time asusual..never bothered.So through this journey i came to know that new years come and go ,the only has to change is our life.

So the most suced up year of my life.. enough of hell with you and I’m raising my collar and telling you that , I’m again ready for the battle for next year in life,because you know i have all the patience😏.Let me see to which extent this year can suck!
Not everyone’s life will be same,so wishing my friends out there ,you all should have the brightful year ahead and you all should have beautiful smiles on your face! People who already lost so much this year and even if previous year suc
ed up like mine,never worry ,we have many more years,and we will even get a chance to dance… So just smile and welcome new year.let’s hope for the blissful year ahead😊



I always get confused with a quote called“Life is short!” When life is short, why does everyone expect things to be forever??forever relationships, forever job, forever friends, everything they need to be forever! Some people like things to be short&sweet, whereas some likes things to be long&forever.
As per my opinion when life is short, then even certain things should be short, but also sweet! First things are always sweet, let it might be the first gift from dad, first love, first kiss..whatever it might be those are always sweet, but some people forget the sweetness in order to make those short things as long&forever. When we crave for the long&forever relationship we can’t enjoy the essence in it at present.Not always short&sweet works, but in certain things when life turns up and down you shouldn’t wait for the long and forever things, we should just accept the life as it comes and appreciate the little sweet things it furnishes.

One cannot control or predict the destiny, so why to waste time by worrying about things to happen? when it’s meant for you, it will obviously come to you, no matter how many hurdles you cross the path! So enjoy the little sweet things, the real happiness is not searching and craving for large and long things which are nowhere around you, it’s all about accepting the petty things which surround you and enjoying them!!


Mind and Heart!

There will be always an inconsistency between mind and heart!At some situations, mind says something where heart opposes it.The battle between mind and heart will be like what I know VS what I feel!

Mind always says that I’m “fat”, the very first word when I look into the mirror, but my mind comforts with a word called Curvy!

Mind always says that I’m fed up with things, but my heart comforts and says “baby!you are not fed up, but you are exhausted and you need to relax!” 

Mind always says that I’m amateur, but my heart comforts and says “no one is perfect dear, you are just learning things in life!”

Mind always says that life is so fu**ed up, but my heart always comforts saying “It’s all about life and happens to everyone on this earth!”

Mind always thinks practically whereas heart always thinks emotionally!

Mind knows truth whereas heart wants lies!

Mind is a great deceiver, heart get fooled easily,

Mind says move on, heart says hold on!

A mind has no heart and heart has no brain, that’s why when we speak by a mind, we seem heartless and when we do by heart, it seems thoughtless!


What is Life? 


What is Life?Why is life so complicated?Why it’s so confusing? I think no one can answer these questions exactly. Sometimes it seems to be a mirage and sometimes it seems to be like just a black image.Why?why?why? Well! I’m in my mid 20’s and still searching for the thing!I really don’t know what is the thing with life.It gives happiness in an hour and the same times it gives pain in the next hour!I wonder how and why things happen like this!

Sometimes it gives fruitful sleep and sometimes it gives horribles dreams… does it happens only to me or even everyone feels the same?am i the only one who thinks like that?When I try to be calm it pinches me when I turn to fight with my own life, it calms down and bows to me!what the hell is even this?

I smiled at my odds, took everything as a positive one, but still everytime same thing repeats! Why like this? When it gave me lemons, I made lemonade and at the same time when it gave me dilemma I made a dillemmanade! It showed me peaks of happiness and the peaks of shit even..yet, I really don’t know what is the real meaning of so-called Life!

Sometimes it makes us get closer to people, when we get closer, it will take its part and separate us from those people! Sometimes it makes us be with the people whom we really don’t like!it makes to feel excited, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes happy, and sometimes weak, sometimes it makes us grow and sometimes it throws us beneath the earth.

We protest at things and accept few things.We will not really be happy with acceptance or protesting things, but life goes on..I know what makes me happy, but those things can’t happen! At last, after all, I understood only one thing, Life is a battlefield, you have to sacrifice your everything and fight your best to get what you want!


Be as a Queen👑

In every girl, there is a queen who is capable of handling the shit happening in life! I never wish to be my dad’s little princess instead I always wish to be a queen who protects my dad’s kingdom as a warrior until I get married and my own king arrives!

“Don’t be a Queen waiting for a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom till the King arrives”.

If you can’t be as a warrior, then be as a queen who can at least advice her king! it’s the most effective way to live as a warrior. A warrior may worry and think before making any decision, but once he/ she makes it, they go in their own way. Free from worries or thoughts; there will be million other decisions still awaiting him. That’s the warrior’s way! Be like that.

Even after getting married there is nothing wrong to be as a married queen who is a half part of the king because a king is nothing without a queen and every man needs a queen in his life when it’s a mess , because just like in a game of chess, queen protects the king! 

“A queen on her throne is a woman who has mastered herself. She is not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfil her mission can be found within. She is uncovered by her powers and she knows how to use them. She will never go along the path, she will always become the path!”

Every man likes his woman to be protective and conquer on her own with or without his existence. A warrior queen brings stability to the king’s life. She doesn’t create problems, she solves them. She doesn’t seduce him with her body; she simulates with her mind. She shines light into her darkness, She doesn’t settle; she inspires growth. She doesn’t fit in with the rest; she stands out.

Being as a queen doesn’t mean as being merciless. Every girl should be as a warrior in when life is a mess and should be able to clear all the mess with her own swords!!


3 days 3 quote challenge #3

Well! I have been nominated for the 3 days quote challenge by prachi .I want to thank her for encouragement and support.Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing writings.

Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Thanks the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive day.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

My Quotes for Third day :

“Tomorrow is my exam ,but i don’t care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future”.

                              -Thomas A Edison.

Knowledge shouldn’t be measured by aggregates and ranks.It should be measured with intelligence,if a person is not a rank holder it doesn’t means that his future won’t be bright.He might turn to world’s richest person.

 “Everybody is genius,but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,it will live it’s whole life believing that it’s stupid”.

                                   -Albert Einstein

Never ever judge a person by their ability. One cannot cross and do things beyond their life and nature.

My quote for life is

“Smile today,smile tomorrow,smile everyday till the problem runs away by your strong smile and brave heart”.


This is the quote which i follow in my life.

My nominees for Third day are:

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3.Tanya’s blog

It’s not a compulsion to take this challenge,but i will be glad if you take it!


3 days 3 quote challenge #2

Well! I have been nominated for the 3 days quote challenge by prachi .I want to thank her for encouragement and support.Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing writings.

Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Thanks the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive day.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

My Quotes for Second day :

Nothing is permanent,everything is subject to change.Being is becoming!


 “Be sure that you put your foot in right place and then stand firm”

-Abraham Lincoln

These are the quotes to know where you can stand at any phase of life.To win we should better know where we can win and stand.If we can’t win,its okay because it’s not permanent,you have many ways for life to win!

My nominees for second day are:

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It’s not a compulsion to take this challenge,but i will be glad if you take it!


3 days 3 quote challenge #1

Well! I have been nominated for the 3 days quote challenge by prachi .I want to thank her for encouragement and support.Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing writings.

Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Thanks the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive day.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

My Quotes for first day :

The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.

-Mother Teresa

Do not pray for an easy Life,pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

-Bruce Lee

 These are the best quotes for success in life.People might not be rich to be happy but they shouldn’t be alone.World is nothing without problems so praying for an easy life in tough world is a foolish job,one should pray for strength, braveness to hit the problems on their face.

My nominees for first day are:

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It’s not a compulsion to take this challenge,but i will be glad if you take it!