Romantic love🌹💞

She returned from office to home as usual and parked the car. She took her laptop bag, handbag and searched for the keys to open the door, but to her surprise it’s already opened. She got a bit confused and startled. She went inside and sensed the perfume, a well known erotic and memorized scent of his. She felt so amazed to sense this smell after a long time. As she followed to the kitchen she found her favorite chocolate cake and pizza baked. She took the cream with her finger and licked.

She looked on the coffee table where she found a note saying “miss u beautiful, waiting to touch you”. She blushed slightly and knows pretty well, who written that and followed to the bedroom. She saw a bunch of 300 red roses which are aromatic and a note attached to it saying “a rose for each single day I missed you”…she smiled by seeing that and looked beside roses; she found her favorite chocolate box. She felt happy as a child and looked around for him. She went in search of him. She followed staircase and reached terrace, but couldn’t find him. Its dark and sky is filled with stars and a complete moon. She suddenly felt tight arms surrounding her waist and a soft lips kissed her at the back of her neck. She missed that kiss, something rushed through her veins and she didn’t turn back to see him.“Miss you like hell” he whispered.  She is enjoying the longing feeling of his and remained silent. She knows how much he loves her and she want him to express more.
He came in front of her to see her in moonlight. Her face seems to be like a wax doll in the moonlight .He kissed her on her forehead; she felt the touch and hugged him. She could listen to his heartbeat as he is tall and well built. She remained silent and said “love you honey”. He took her face in his arms and kissed her on her lips passionately as there is no tomorrow. She kissed him even more passionately as the world is going to end. Their lips locked and tongues entwined. He suddenly stopped and said “I love you to the moon and back”. She hugged him tight and said “missed you so much “. He carried her in his arms like a baby and took her to the bedroom and they made love passionately as the bodies craved for each other’s touch and their bodies entwined with each other and their souls filled with the intimacy of their bond!




An affair

It’s a rainy evening where sky is calm and wind is heavy, Angela sat at the coffee table. Her heart is heavy with guilt and her stomach is filled with sorrow! A voice from inside her haunted and screamed from inside “you are only his mistress“. She thought of his wife who is ingenue at nature and she wondered why he comes to her everyday even though he has such a beautiful, caring wife whose love is irreplaceable and immeasurable! Her inner voice screamed again “he comes to you only to have his everyday dose of sex!”  She felt numb and frozen by the lines of the voice. She also wondered why she still likes him when he is coming only for sex! He is fetish of her, only of her body, but not for her love and soul.

Angela felt that she is the Vandal of their relationship who destroyed his wife’s trust and faith! Above all she likes him. She can’t constitute him to leave his wife, yet she can’t leave him because of the love she had for him. A sarcastic voice screamed again from inside “you love him so much but only it’s a mistress love”! She felt a lump in her throat and she couldn’t move by the lines said by her inner voice. She is in maze of the thoughts running through her mind!

She felt strange and she thought of his wife, who needs him the most now because she has undergone the scapula surgery. She thought of telling him about his guilty feeling of their relationship, but he couldn’t, because she imagined his scarlet face he will have after telling and he might get hurt too. She felt her head strong and heavy of this feeling. She decided to write in a paper and she did! She packed all her luggage and left the place. She felt relief in heart for what she did and felt that she rectified her mistake by doing so!


Weekly Mindlovemiserymenagerie wordle challenge


Romantic Love

You came as a cool breeze and touched my soul.

Like the seashells and pebbles  in the shore you touched my feet and tickled them.

Like the waves touched the shore ,you touched my heart and gave me butterflies by your soothe touch.

Like the moon fills the dark sky ,you lit my heart as a moth of candle flame and put my heart on fire.

Like the slowly roasted coffee beans,you made me to get addicted to you by each growing day with you.

Like the earth longs for rain,you made me to long for your erotic looks,sensible touch,deep lovable kisses and your love which completes me.


Conundrum of life!

As far as i have seen,relationships are not so easy ,yet not hard too.Its all about how you choose the right path by eliminating the dilemma .

Some relationship are so hard where people doesn’t know whether to walk away or try more hard!Life and relationships are so hard and there will be dilemma around.Our real dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time;what we really want is for things to remaim the same but get better. 

Thee will be always dilemma in life in choosing a person for life or being in a relationship or for each and every little thing in life we have dilemma.

sometimes our head tells one thing and heart tells another,before we do anything,we should decide first whether we have a better head or a better heart!!

Our actual conundrum is not whether to do right or wrong ,but rather to do right when it matters the most and wrong when it matters the least!

Dilemma doesn’t occur wantedly for us,it develops within us according to the situation.Sometimes life leaves us a tough dilemma of deciding things.An ideal person should choose the right thing by throwing away the dilemma they have in them.One should be able to take dilemma even in a perfect way,Its like if life gives you a dilemma ,make dilemmanade. People should consider and develop life’s dilemma in such a way where even tough situations should be changed favourable according to us.

Handle everything in a perfect way without dilemma of choices,then life would be so colourful and blissful.