People in Life

Some people come suddenly into our life with no reason,

Some leave in the middle when we need them the most,

Some stay with us even though we don’t want them to,

Some come at right time ,when we need help,

Some learn from  us,some teach us lessons,some hurt us,some love us,some get loved,some care us,some forgive us,some get forgived,some get cared,

Whatever the reason it might be some people always stay at a special place in our life,no matter what they do,it might be wrong or right,

We admire some and adore some, we inspire some and get inspired,

Some love us,care for us, but they remain as friends,well wishers and caretakers,

Some will just meet once and become as partner for life,

Some are really close to us but expects privacy and some are just friends with no secrets and regrets,

Some people are fake and some are genuine ,some are honest and some are loyal,some are kind and some are some are rude,some acts and some reacts,

Some stay forever and some will come back never,

Whoever leaves and whoever comes the only person to stay with you forever and the only person who loves ,cares and can makeyou ultimately happy is yourself. 





Black bag!

I really don’t know how many women will like this post and some might judge me even,but i don’t give a f**k!.So today i went to a general grocery shop which is not so big , but enough to buy groceries,so i asked the shopkeeper for sanitary napkins(which means pads in general use).  A middle aged woman who was standing beside me felt shy and started to seeing away as if she is unaware if the menstrual cycle and period!I gave an irritated  and dirty look to her.So this shopkeeper wrapped the packet in the newspaper and said “there is no black colour carry bag,is it okay if i give in transparent carry bag”. I was little bit irritated and surprised by his question and said “Bhayya!there is nothing to hide it,it is the same way as the men use shaving cream ,we use sanitary napkins, everyone are aware of everything and no need of wrapping in newspaper even, just give it in transparent carry bag”.  I sensed the surprise on shopkeeper’s face and he gave me the carry bag!

This wont happens only with him and only here,but i have seen even girls feeling shy to ask for sanitary napkins, I’m really not aware of the reason why? Is it something to be hidden? Or is it something bad? it’s part of human body and biological thing that happens with every girl!if it’s really bad and if it’s a mistake to speak about the women’s period , then why many companies elicit about this and advertise? This is really not to hurt someone ,but i just want to educate or explain or whatever people think. Sanitary napkins are just part in our groceries list of every month. Even this post is for men to support their female ones that period is not wrong and one shouldn’t feel shy to ask for a sanitary napkin!


Love yourself

Love yourself, no matter how ugly you look in the mirror,just love yourslef. No matter how many people hates you or how many people you hate for whatever reason it is,just love yourslef.No matter how many broke your heart, how many rejected you, and how many people you have rejected , just love yourslefNo matter how rude you behave at odd times,no matter how you are treated by others and no matter how many people you had treated bad,just love yourslef! no matter how fat you are,how short you are and no matter how you look , just love yourslef!no matter how intelligent you are or how coward you are or how dumb you are how stupid you are or how cunning you are or how pessimistic you are ,just love yourself!

No matter how many people loves you,no matter how many people you have loved and how many people you are still in love with,just love yourself! No matter how people betrayed you,how many got ditched by you, how many people are still into you , just love yourself! No matter how your life sucks now, no matter how much it relished once, no matter how much you faced with life ,just love yourself. No matter what’s your nature and character just love yourself.No matter you are a copycat or unique or lazy or active or energetic or whatever you are, just love yourself!no matter how you judge people or how people judge you and no matter how much you love to live your life,just love yourself.No matter you are alone or in a wrong realtionship and no matter how much you know that what you doing is wrong ,just love yourself.No matter how you are,what you are,who you are and no matter what , just love yourself to stay happy and lite!You didn’t born to impress people and love others all the time,just be yourself and love yourself!

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have!”



Never be a Copycat🐈

Well! i have seen many people trying to copy others and trying to be as another ones.I hate being as someone else or to act as someone else because we are born unique and one should be unique in their own way!

“It’s better to fail in originality than to get succeeded in imitation”.

Never ever be afraid of being different, be afraid of being same as everyone else. People tend to maintain the same status as others,tend to build their homes as others and they even study the same courses because everyone else are doing it!when you try to be as someone,you will always stuck in yourself and you will always be one step ahead of everything. 

There is nothing wrong in competing or comparing with others, but you will always resemble them and you can never be them. Following someone and considering someone as your role models is fine but fine because you can learn something from their achievements and you have to be something different for poeple to chose you as their role model.

In the world of copycats being yourself is liberal&powerful.When you do something new, this world laughs then they copy. Trying to be unique and following your own path is not a crime or bad, only fools who are jealous of your own style who can’t compete with you laughs at your uniqueness. When they laugh at you, just smile&say thanks and show them your beautiful unique path and tell them that they can never ever get into your path and they can never be yourself!

“Real people produce originality then think , write but never read of others posts to copy to follow and the copycats follow exactly the opposite direction i.e read of others posts, write but never produce originality!”


Life’s Mantras

  Live your life

And risk it all ,take some chances and take some fall,Love what you do and Do what you Love.                                                                                    Smile                                    It costs nothing,if you can imagine it,you can achieve it,if you dream it,you can become it.

Be bold and courageous to things ,when you look back to your life , you will regret the things you didn’t.Do more than once you want to do the things.

Dream big.Laugh lot.Be grateful.Give love

To be inspired is great,but to inspire is incredible.There is just one life to live,dont waste time.Fear less,Hope more.Hate less,Love more and good things will be yours.                                Take chances

Live your dream and follow your heart,be passionate to your likes,be an optimist and stay happy.Believe that everything is possible on this earth with your positive heart.                                             Think Happy

       Live well.Laugh often.Love always                         Always change yourself

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,it is about laughing and dancing in the rain.                                                           Keep your promises

Enjoy the little things you love ,one day you look back and realise they were the big things.Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is not path and leave a trail.

Getting lost will help you to find yourself.Face rejections and don’t crave for attention.Don’t go through life,instead grow with life.

     Life is a beautiful journey,enjoy it.

Sing like no one is listening.Dance like no one is watching.Love like you have             never been hurt.

Remember and be with the one’s who loves you for the way you are,never try to be as someone.

Dont wait for the perfect moment,take the moment make it perfect.

Don’t crave for the perfection,because nothing is perfect.Just love yourself ven though you are imperfect. If someone calls you imperfect just thanks them because imperfect means i m perfect!!


The Versatile Blogger Award


This is the first time i have got something like this,I would like to sincerely thanks one of my friendly blogger Patricia Cox, for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award“.

I feel quite happy, honoured and pleasured to accept this award!

Kindly visit Patricia blog which has amazing writings! 

I would like to thank some of my followers and the people who encouraged me for my writings.


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Patricia asked me to tell seven things about myself,so here i go

Seven Things About Myself 

I was born on october 10th 1992 to the awesome couple as their first child. I’m a Piscean.Though i have been born as a girl,my father brought me like a boy.So i always be with a Kind of boyish attitude.

 I completed my schooling and college at Hyderabad, and later moved to chennai for my engineering in the stream of Electronics and Communications. Currently I’m working as a software developer at innovate apps inc.I have chosen this career because of my fascination in IT indistry.

☑ Drawing,Reading,Cooking,Painting,Working on handmade crafts ,blogging, are some of my favourite past times.Apart from these i love travelling,exploring new places and I’m a nature lover.

I am an optmist ,who never bothers about what will happen next in life.I am a great foodie ,i like to taste varieties of food in my life.

 I have a supportive younger sister ,mother and father who stands and tap my back at my odd times.My father is the best prized possession i have in my life.I can’t express in words how much i ♥ him and how much he means to me in my life.I can say his shoulders are the best and safe place in this world for me.

I have many friends but few of them are really kind and adorable who supported me,made me to laugh at my tough times and those are the best ones of my life.I would like to thank each one of them.

Last but not least,the reason for me starting the blog is one of my friend raki who is also a blogger,introduced me to wordpress,which made me to express all the things which i have seen through some of my personal experience and some which i have seen ,i just wana write and make people inspire and make them happy at some point of life.I write for my own happiness even.

WordPress is a such a great platform for all the writers to express their feelings out of their heart.I will surely recommend WordPress ,if someone asks for the best platform for blogging.I enjoy and inspire by reading all the blogs which are written by other bloggers.Every blog is unique in it’s own way and every blogger here are so kind and sweet.

I am here to help each other grow individually and become a successful bloggers some day.

I feel so glad and pleased when my writing is recognized and liked by other bloggers.Comments which other bloggers do makes me so happy for the day. I feel so happy ,if someone follows or like and comment my posts and blog. I won’t be that much happy if someone gives me some billions of money ,but a like and comment of other bloggers will surely makes me.

This is a humble request to all the nominees to take the time and like a post or follow some of the blogs which I’m Gonna mention.




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Not only these,there are many beutiful blogs which i like,but these are the few blogs which are to be encouraged and to be helped for their traffic growth.


Jumping in joy

Lemme ask everyone a question!when was the last time you jumped in joy? I remember hard because, i didn’t jump in joy over years,but I’m happy with what I have! jumping for joy is the best exercise for body and soul!

As we knew,jumping in joy is the good thing,but one should dare to jump on obstacles and tough times.  A real jump is the thing which lies in between where you are and where you gonna be! 

Those who don’t jump on obstacles can never achieve goals.One can not wait for the perfect time, sometimes one must dare to jump. Only if you jump ,you can know how to unfold the wings when you fall down! 

So jump in joy,jump in tough times on obstacles ,be like a jumping ball always and stay happy🙂

Daily post jump 


Being stylish is being unique!!

*****  Stylish daily post *****

Well every woman loves to be stylish in her own way.The exact definition of style doesn’t mean wearing high heels and nude lipsticks, it’s a way to say who you are without  having to speak!

Being stylish is fun but being in a right way is adorable.How many stylish dresses a woman wear,how much make up she wear,how much she spend on shopping to be stylish, being stylish is all about carrying a unique attitude only she can have her own in a unique way!

Being stylish is all about enjoying yourself and expressing yourself and inner light.Fashion and style doesn’t come from somewhere else, it lies within us and arise within us.

“So be stylish with an unique attitude and be yourself with an alluring nature”.


Live every moment

Have you ever smiled even at the tough situation? If yes this is for you!Well anyone will smile at the joyous moments,but the one who smiles even at the worst situation is the most strongest person.

 To live is the rarest thing in this world.Most of the people just exist that is all!

People grew stronger based on the situations they undergo,if we struck with some problem that doesn’t mean that life has ended over there,that is the way to stay strong,learn different things and moving on with the life.

Life teach us lessons,teach us to grow independently,teach us to be strong enough to face toughest situations later, teach us.

  • If you are facing tough situation in life currently ,just thanks life because you got an another chance to know who you are and to know who are your true persons to be in our life.
  • Just thanks life and do your own work as usual so that even problems will be wondered by your attitude and the way you are facing it!!


I love this quote. I think it’s true as most of us are broken somehow. How we go about healing can make a big difference. Most of the people try hard to find the real meaning of love yet no one can get the original meaning of it.Love is not the thing or it’s not a word ,it’s beyond what we can’t tell something in words!The whole essence of it can’t be just expressed in just three words(I love you).Love even differs from person to person ,for some it’s just a feel,for some it’s godliness,some don’t believe in it, for some it’s just a way to be with someone,for someone it’s rebinding of broken heart,but as for me it’s finding the path to soulmate.As per my belief, there is nothing  called first love and last love it is just that we meet some people in advance and learn lessons to lead rest of the life blissfully with the rest of the people who meant to be with us even after knowing all our flaws.Everyone of us have the feel to love at teenage ,which is  fresh and Cupid love where we are not aware of the real meaning of it.

There is nothing wrong in loving a person with the broken pieces of is not cheating the person who broke the heart.Its a way to soothe the broken part with love.After all “being loved by someone deeply is the awesome thing than loving someone who don’t deserve us”.


Love is not just a chocolate to share,its not just a person to spare,it’s not just a feel we aware,it’s not just a mistake to clear,it’s not just a glass to break.Its something beyond words and unseen feel where only souls can see the real fruitfulness of it.