Dry leaf&fake smile


photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash 

There is birth,life and death took placed in dried leaf which can only be seen by the hidden lines on it;the same way there will be agony,happiness,tears in each person which is hidden by every smile he fakes!!

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Seasonal smile

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge It’s not the time of year without ….

 Clouds covering the hills 

                       Araku hill station

Rain all over


Green fields 

                         Araku valley

I perdonally love Araku valley and i do visir this place once in a year!It is a must to visit place especially in netween October to January where we can see fresh flowers bloomed,clouds that lies in between the hills and the green fields everywhere! I feel so fresh and this place automatically brings smile on my face😊



Everyday in life is precious. So smile each and every moment of life. Everyone has problems ,but some people consider them as a giant one.Every problem is big only if you consider it as a big one.No problem is big ,only it’s our heart which feel it as big and sees as bigger one with our eyes!!consider everything as small one before life and death,those are the only bigger things in life other than those all the petty things. Money, status, name, fame even love is a small thing before Life and death!!So smile at the problem and see it as a small one so that struggles will run away by your strong attittude!!Smile at others, smile at life, smile at yourself ,smile untill you feel your heart lite.

The real meaning if smile is






Remember everything happens for a reason and if you come across shit in life,  thanks life and learn something from that shit even and move on with your smile.A smile can change many things in your life.You can make people smile around you with your smile.

“Having a smile on your face is a good compliment to life, but putting a smile on others face by your efforts is the best compliment of life.”


Bridge of love 💚

It is a hot sunny day and the road seems to be clear out with less traffic.

She: “ Why are you so serious today?”

He: “No! I’m alright!”

She: “Really?then why are you not looking at me?”

He: “I’m in driving seat and I’m driving ,if i look at you ,we will be in hell soon.”

She: “Anywhere with you will be the lovely place for me!”


She:“ How was my performance on stage today?”

He: “ You are a great dancer,so obviously it will be good.Incase if i say it’s not ,you have great fans and they might get hurt!”

She: “ is this sarcasm or jealousy?”

He:“ what the hell should i be jealous?”

She: “ Let’s be frank now! What’s the problem with you?”

He:“ Nothing! it’s you who is considering as a problem!”


She: “ I don’t feel that you are normal,not today but from past days.You are avoiding eye contact, not speaking as you used to, coming late to home. Can you please now stop acting and tell me what’s happening with you?!”

He: Stopped the car and started yelling.  “ It’s  you !Yes the problem is you.You are the one who changed.You are the one who doesn’t have time for me ,but you have lot of time for your performances. You are the one who forgot our anniversary today,you are the one who became busy.You know how many days i have waited at the dining table to have dinner with you? You know how many times i have waited all alone? You will never know because ,i don’t want to hurt you with the changes! “

She: “ whatare you even telling? How can you think this way?Before our wedding itself i said you that dancing is not only my profession ,but it’s my passion too.. I’m just doing it because i love this and to earn and save money for our future.  “

He:“ So do you think that i can’t earn and do you think I’m useless? Can’t i earn for my own love and family?”

She: “Oh my god! What happened to you ! Listen i didn’t mean what you thought.You can earn enough for now but I’m helping you to save for the future!

i haven’t changed at all. Yes, i admit that i don’t have time ,but it doesn’t mean that i don’t love you.You are the one who is unable to accept the changes and responsibilities, previously when we were in love ,we didn’t have enough responsibilities and we had time for each other.Now we are married and became little busy that doesn’t mean that the intimacy between us is gone.

Previous before marriage you used to encourage my profession with all the love and support and after marriage the same person is complaining!I can’t see the bridge of love between us which we have built! I have never complained to you about this because ,i know pretty well that things will change according to time.

See honey! I’ll continue this profession only till get conceived ,after that when i feel that we have saved enough for our kids ,i will stop everything and be only with you.Try to understand things.I love you so much . I’m a great dancer now with all your love and support .I need them forever! I can’t see things fading like this between us!”

Tears roll down ger cheeks and he wiped them and touched her cheeks toom her face in his hands.

He: “ Sorry baby!i didn’t mean to hurt you”.

She:“ You didn’t hurt me with your words bit you did with your silence. I can’t bear the gap between us.I didn’t forget our anniversary check the dash board you will find a letter written by me and i thought of surprising you with lunch at the place where we first met. I might be busy ,i don’t have time for all the other things ,but when it comes to you nothing is the important thing to me !You are the one whom i love so much and want you to be sane forever!When things go worse between us ,you shouldn’t change according to them!

He:hugged her and said “ i love you honey and I’m sorry i didn’t notice your letter. As long as you need my support ,i will be there for you and it’s a promise. Please smile now ,i can’t see my baby doll like this and let’s go for lunch at your favorite place”.

She smiled and he kissed her passionately with all the love which they missed from past days!





What is happiness? I keep questioning myself the same from my teens. Later after that I had the same question. I want to see the most happiest person in the world and just ask that person how he/she could be so happy! I searched my happiness in few people and longed for that later when they left or broke the relationship, happiness faded away. I wonder when people says “I’m happy with he/she”! How can someone be happy because of others?! That’s not the permanent happiness,if we are being happy by someone or because of someone that’s only for the time being it’s temporary!!

After undergoing few tough situations in life,I became strong and I came to know that “No one can make us really happy until we decide to be“.I used to be selfish yet unhappy but when I learnt to share and care my happiness grew gradually!Happiness is not being with the person whom you love,it’s not having and enjoying luxurious life,it’s not showing attitude ,being selfish and being arrogant,it’s more than all these.

Happiness is caring,sharing,being kind,loving,making people around you to smile..it’s great and good when you are the reason for someone’s smile. One should smile with heart not with the lips,when we smile at other person ,it should be seen in our eyes :).It won’t come just as such but it can be done by changing our attitude and being what we are! One can be happy only when they love themselves!So be happy and spread the smiles:):)