A post about the Woman!

Have you ever noticed a woman with tough attitude and strong enough to protect herself from this world? If you see such woman respect her and give a smile. Every woman has a past, some were physically abused, some grown up all alone, some had violent parents, some has issues with their own body, some has undergone sexual abuse from their own family and some were abused by others.

Some had messed up love stories, some were forced into sex in the name of love. Some had been date raped, some have been gone through tough times, some has been photographed on a bed, some had a bad boyfriend, some has been blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, some has menstrual problems, some had been in abusive relationship. Some had a broken family, some had a divorce, some has been cheated in the name of love. Some had financial issues, some had obesity issues, some had a few unsuccessful suicide attempts and some had alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

Some might have seen true love, some might have faced an abusive boyfriend, some might be beaten by a callous husband, some might have been truly loved, some might be been cheated in the name of it.

If you see a woman, who went through any of this, who has already gone through all this, tied her hair up, masked her sorrows into a divine smile, stood tall and strong, walked towards her bright future despite of what all shed once had and what all she has now, because she still has some hope left inside her and has not given up on the concept of true love does exist in this world, don’t poke her or stab her with her past.Don’t confront her, don’t abuse her more because she already had enough. Just give a way to her and smile at her, if possible just walk along with her. If you get a chance, hold her hand and you will get to know how sweet her soul is and how strong her hopes are! You will be amazed to see such a strong and tough woman who is still standing strong despite all the energy has been sucked out.

She need not always be only the woman next door or from a different home. She could be your own sister, your own friend, your own girlfriend, your own wife and might be your own mother. Don’t judge her by her past, no matter what,  gift her a peaceful life she deserves, holds her hand against the world which knows only to judge, tap her back at her odds and see how beautiful she smiles and make you feel the pride to have her!



Flying with colourful wings!


Born as a bird,

Brought up in a nest,

Fantasized of flying with colorful wings,

Ditched by fate’s trip,

Went through rigid times,

Fallen down as a dried leaf!

Felt warmth by the wings that wrapped around me,

Felt like a queen and shared love,

Deceived by love and torn,

Left alone with shattered pieces of heart,

Learned to live alone and fly on own,

Embraced by another love as a ray of light in a dark room,

Bloomed with hope and flew high,

Trusted and been intimate with the love,

Fantasized about being forever in each other’s arms,

Karma, been the bitch and separated us,

Perished mentally, deceived, cried, loved, broken and left solely!

Fallen to the ground and sobbed silently,

Waited for the time to heal everything,

Gained all the strength, heaved my wings to glide along,

Failed first, teased by the life’s trick, fallen down all the time,

Tried and tired,

Congregated all the strength, tried again and again,

Gained all the courage and flying high in the sky to defeat my loneliness, my defeats, my fate, my scares, my shattered pieces of heart, my frails and my worries!


Romantic love🌹💞

She returned from office to home as usual and parked the car. She took her laptop bag, handbag and searched for the keys to open the door, but to her surprise it’s already opened. She got a bit confused and startled. She went inside and sensed the perfume, a well known erotic and memorized scent of his. She felt so amazed to sense this smell after a long time. As she followed to the kitchen she found her favorite chocolate cake and pizza baked. She took the cream with her finger and licked.

She looked on the coffee table where she found a note saying “miss u beautiful, waiting to touch you”. She blushed slightly and knows pretty well, who written that and followed to the bedroom. She saw a bunch of 300 red roses which are aromatic and a note attached to it saying “a rose for each single day I missed you”…she smiled by seeing that and looked beside roses; she found her favorite chocolate box. She felt happy as a child and looked around for him. She went in search of him. She followed staircase and reached terrace, but couldn’t find him. Its dark and sky is filled with stars and a complete moon. She suddenly felt tight arms surrounding her waist and a soft lips kissed her at the back of her neck. She missed that kiss, something rushed through her veins and she didn’t turn back to see him.“Miss you like hell” he whispered.  She is enjoying the longing feeling of his and remained silent. She knows how much he loves her and she want him to express more.
He came in front of her to see her in moonlight. Her face seems to be like a wax doll in the moonlight .He kissed her on her forehead; she felt the touch and hugged him. She could listen to his heartbeat as he is tall and well built. She remained silent and said “love you honey”. He took her face in his arms and kissed her on her lips passionately as there is no tomorrow. She kissed him even more passionately as the world is going to end. Their lips locked and tongues entwined. He suddenly stopped and said “I love you to the moon and back”. She hugged him tight and said “missed you so much “. He carried her in his arms like a baby and took her to the bedroom and they made love passionately as the bodies craved for each other’s touch and their bodies entwined with each other and their souls filled with the intimacy of their bond!



Mom’s Advice

It’s a misty morning where Rachel is primping in front of mirror for her favorite get-together after long years. She is happy with what she has now and very excited to see her old friends after a long span of time. Anu, Rachel’s daughter who is 31 year old is lost into her thoughts. Rachel was observing her by looking at her from the mirror and thought that she was not seemed to be quite happy since yesterday!

Rachel: “Anu! Is everything fine with you?”

Anu: “I don’t know mom”.

Rachel:”I have been observing you, from the day you came here and you don’t seem to be happy at all”.

Anu started crying and Rachel came to her who is sitting on a bed with cross-legged. Rachel hugged her and passed the tissue to her to wipe the tears.

Rachel: Honey! Why are you crying like this? I haven’t seen you crying in recent years! What’s the reason for this? Tell me I will help you in all the possible ways!

Anu: My relationship is not going well with my husband mom. He is not the same as once he was during college. I loved him so much and now being with him is like a torture.

Rachel: hmmm….baby you are observing change in him, but did you observe change in yourself?

Anu looked puzzled at her mom and said “change in me? I’m the same mom. It’s him who changed now, who has time for everything except for me and who is ignoring me these days.”

Rachel: “Honey! Let me tell you one thing, i am not telling that total mistake lies with you, but even you are responsible for whatever happens in your relationship! See me and your dad were once lovers, now we are happy couple and living happily together. Even I faced a lot at the starting year of my wedding, later I understood the changes and adapted to them.”

Anu: “Don’t blame dad mom! He is a nice person. He will never hurt you as nick is hurting me now!”

Rachel: ummm…she sat on bed cross legged and took anu’s hand and kissed her. “Okay dear! Now tell me what all changes you have observed and what all the problems you are facing with Nick till now, we will sort this out. It’s a promise!”

Anu: “Mom can’t tell you because its not a single change and single thing. There is no point in sorting things out and all. I just want to stay away from him for couple of months!”

Rachel: “Later? After couple if months everything will be solved? Do you think this is the ultimate solution now?”

Anu: ———————– Silence ————————————— after few minutes “okay mom listen, he is coming home late every day, but I thought it’s okay because he is working hard, he is not spending time with me, he doesn’t want to  have dinner with me, he is not bothered about me, he got promotion last week and he didn’t tell me that ,i got to know from his colleagues. I’m all alone at home and he is least bothered about how I feel the whole day! Now he got his own world, his office, his colleagues, his parties and who knows may be dates even! In college I was his world and he used to be with me, only with me, now he has got another world of happiness.”

Rachel: Smiled at her daughter’s innocence and said “let me ask you few questions honey .When he is coming home late did you ever ask the reason?

Anu: “Why should I? Isn’t that his responsibility to inform?”

Rachel: “You are taking things in a wrong way dear. When you were in love his staple goal is to marry you and achieve you happily, now he got that, so his goal will be changed .His goal will be to take good care and working hard for your own family!

Anu is listening carefully to her mom…

When he arrived late it’s you who should ask how his day was, then it will be as a stress reliever to him. When he is not calling you, why can’t you call and ask whether he is coming home for dinner or tell the plan that you want to go out for dinner! He might want to surprise you this weekend about his promotion, when you came to know by his colleagues, why didn’t you plan and throw a surprise party to him? Anu! You are the who chose to be at home. Nick left it to your choice he said “you can stay at home or you can’t work it’s your choice” right?

He has his own World, yes you are right! Everyone should have their own anu. Now I’m not asking your father to involve in this get-together , because it’s my own world of friends and I’m going to enjoy it, that doesn’t means that I’m ignoring your father. We both love each other that don’t means that one’s freedom needs to be affected and both should be together always! Tell me how your sex life is”?

Anu felt strange and remained silent for few seconds and said “I don’t have any problem with that. His intimacy is same on bed”.

Rachel: “You said there might be dates with others, if in that case why your sex life will be amazing? Can’t he go and have sex with his date-chicks? Anu! Let me tell you life is not so easy and do love? It’s complicated but it’s us who should make it liter and get immersed in love.

In a relationship giving is the first thing and later what you get in return doesn’t matter because it’s not a business! May be nick doesn’t have time to give and show his love, so you start doing it. I know he loves you so much and how much he struggled to marry you, so leaving him for couple of months for small reasons don’t work and it’s not good at your part! If you love a person, you should support them at odd times and understand them!

Anu No relationship can survive without trust, honesty and communication, no matter how close you are”.

Anu hugged her mother and kissed her .She now knew what to do and went happily to her home to express her love to her beloved husband!



An affair

It’s a rainy evening where sky is calm and wind is heavy, Angela sat at the coffee table. Her heart is heavy with guilt and her stomach is filled with sorrow! A voice from inside her haunted and screamed from inside “you are only his mistress“. She thought of his wife who is ingenue at nature and she wondered why he comes to her everyday even though he has such a beautiful, caring wife whose love is irreplaceable and immeasurable! Her inner voice screamed again “he comes to you only to have his everyday dose of sex!”  She felt numb and frozen by the lines of the voice. She also wondered why she still likes him when he is coming only for sex! He is fetish of her, only of her body, but not for her love and soul.

Angela felt that she is the Vandal of their relationship who destroyed his wife’s trust and faith! Above all she likes him. She can’t constitute him to leave his wife, yet she can’t leave him because of the love she had for him. A sarcastic voice screamed again from inside “you love him so much but only it’s a mistress love”! She felt a lump in her throat and she couldn’t move by the lines said by her inner voice. She is in maze of the thoughts running through her mind!

She felt strange and she thought of his wife, who needs him the most now because she has undergone the scapula surgery. She thought of telling him about his guilty feeling of their relationship, but he couldn’t, because she imagined his scarlet face he will have after telling and he might get hurt too. She felt her head strong and heavy of this feeling. She decided to write in a paper and she did! She packed all her luggage and left the place. She felt relief in heart for what she did and felt that she rectified her mistake by doing so!


Weekly Mindlovemiserymenagerie wordle challenge



She sipped her favorite double shot cappuccino sitting at the table of her favorite place and opened her laptop and checked the emails, suddenly she glanced at the date it’s October 26 ,2016 .A strange sudden feel passed through her veins. It’s his birthday and it’s been five years, but still she feels the same for him and this day reminds her of her nostalgic moments!
She closed the laptop, finished her cappuccino and lost in thoughts to the past days where they met at the same coffee shop , spent hours together holding each other hands, took pictures of themselves, had silly fightsspoke dirty, planned their future at the same table and the same place.

It’s January 3rd, 2009 on a sunny morning he entered into coffee shop to have his expresso,he ordered for one and settled at a table and involved himself in a magazine. As its weekday coffee shop is not much crowded and then she enters with a beautiful smile ordered her double shot cappuccino and sat at another table. They both had their coffees and when she was about to leave a voice called her from behind

: “Excuse me?!”

She turned back with an attitude and said “yes”?

:”when you ordered coffee and passed through my table, an earring of yours fallen at my table and this is the one” and he gave her earring to her.

: In surprise she checked her ear found the empty ear, smiled and said “yes! It’s mine thank you”.

:”Pleasure is all mine to meet you and you have such a beautiful smile, i have ever seen!!”

: blushed slightly by his words, shook hand and introduced her.

They both introduced themselves and left the coffee shop. Days passed by and they met in the same coffee shop often and exchanged numbers. Both started to like each other and started introducing each other to their friends and started hanging out with each other. One fine day on a cool rainy evening on October 10, 2009

He: “can I ask you a question dear?”

: “yes! Sure. Why are you hesitating?”

 “I just don’t know how to start and I’m not good at expressing thoughts, but I have to today. See, I have met many girls in my life, but never ever connected so much with anyone as I did with you. I don’t know where this goes and the first time when i saw you in the same coffee shop, I felt a special bond between us.”

: Staring at him with her puppy eyes and in a husky voice she said “complete it”.

: I really can’t imagine your absence in my life and can’t express how much your presence mean to me. I can’t promise you but I will take good care of you for the rest of our life. I can’t imagine you getting married and being in the arms of some other man. Just be my side on each single day in my life and make it bright!

He took a bouquet of roses and her favorite chocolates from his bag and gave her. He took her hand into his and said I love you , please accept my love ,i can’t live without you. Be as the mother for my kids and please consider me as another kid and bear me for the rest of life.

Tears rolled out of her eyes for his words and she said “i love you more than you do, I was waiting for this moment. This is the awesome moment of my life and you are the man of my dreams and fantasies”.

He bent forward and kissed her on forehead and that day it started like that where they laughed together, spent time together, kissed each other even at public, cooked for each other, surprised each other, showered each other with gifts, planned fantasized dates, many moonlight dinners. 

It’s their one year anniversary of love and she invited him to home and planned a romantic dinner .They had dinner sat in the balcony and gazed stars, spoke about their future. She said that she is going to surprise him and took him to a room of scented candles. She wanted to show how much she loved him and they ended up making love. She said “This was the gift which I wanted to give you on our anniversary. Nothing more than this can tell how much I love you”. He kissed her softly and their bodies entwined with loving souls. Months passed by and he got a call by her to meet him immediately at the coffee shop.

He: He kissed and asked “what’s the matter honey?”

She: “I don’t know how you will take this but I’m not happy as well as not sad, but I’m worried because of this. Don’t get panic by this. I got conceived and it’s second month.”

He: “what’s the f**k? Oh my god! It’s all because of your surprise, i didn’t plan any precaution and i couldn’t do anything! Are we really ready for this!? How can I tell this at home? ”

She: “I don’t know! We are well settled financially, we love each other but marriage is the only thing which we didn’t have and I can’t tell this at home and they can’t take this. But i need this baby because it’s the symbol of our love and I don’t want to kill or something.”

He: “Okay! Don’t worry, I’ll tell at home, even you tell about our relationship at your home and try to convince them. If they are not okay with this we should get married without their permission as we are majors and we love each other and if we drag like it will be a problem because we can’t hide the truth!”

She: “okay, but we need to do something soon” she smiled with tears and hugged him. He hugged her back and kissed her.

He went to his place and told his parents about this and they are okay with this and for the marriage but her parents are not okay with this and she fought at home and left her parents. When they met after meeting their parents, she hugged him and explained what has happened and he took her to his home where he stays and they are now being in a single home and it’s all his love which is making her happy!

It’s 7th month for her and she on maternity leave. One afternoon she is waiting for him to come home, but he didn’t come. She called and couldn’t reach his number then later in the evening she got a call stating that he met with an accident ,his head got injured ,due to heavy bleeding from the head and he passed away on the spot and they asked to collect the body from mortuary! She remained breathless for what she heard over phone and suddenly world seems to be upside down for her. She ran to hospital and collapsed on seeing him in such state. She couldn’t face and cried like hell. She doesn’t want this to happen and she wants her to be in his place instead of him. She called her parents, but they didn’t turn up. People are now calling him as body that was once her soul mate, love of her life. She called his parents and they blamed her for everything and did the funeral.

Life became so tough for her, she is unable to eat, sleep and survive. She cried like there are no more tears in her eyes, she couldn’t stay at the place where they lived happily. She hate god, her life. She cried in the darkness and remained all alone. She used to scream at nights and used to go mad literally. She wants to die and try committing suicide for two times but failed. She became weak physically and mentally without any moral support. Some of her friends admitted her in the hospital. Due to her ill health, baby’s condition is not proper inside and doctors took out the baby at 8 th month itself. It’s a premature tiny baby wrapped in a cloth, lying beside her with closed eyes, tiny ears, and tiny lips as his father’s. She touched his fingers and kissed him. Cried hard for her loneliness. Scolded her luck and fate. Prayed god to give strength to fight for her tiny little one.

She felt happy on seeing the tiny one and understood why she has to still exist. She faced lot of problems, she couldn’t get any help financially from both parents, heard many rumors of the society, faced worst situations, became stronger by each passing day and hided her tears to see the smiles of the little one. She worked hard just to fulfill all the needs of the little one and brought him up same as his father. She is happy to see their loved one to grow in front of her, but she has this missing feeling of the person once she loved the most.

She is now transformed into a strong single parent and owned the same coffee shop as remembrance of her love, where was once she used to be a regular vendee, a girl who was young and innocent, a girl who was childish, who was once thought of committing suicide for life’s injuries and girl who was once left alone by everything and everyone ,even by fate!