Dry leaf&fake smile


photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash 

There is birth,life and death took placed in dried leaf which can only be seen by the hidden lines on it;the same way there will be agony,happiness,tears in each person which is hidden by every smile he fakes!!

Three line Tales challenge by Only 100 words


Messy Room!

Mom: “Why is your room so messy ?see it’s so beautifully painted outside!”

Daughter: “Mom! it’s because if someone comes and tries to kill me,they will trip over something and get trapped!”

Mom gave a dirty look and went off because she knew that ,this room will never be cleaned and it’s no useful to paint the building beautifully with different colours!!

Weekly  TLT challenge by Only 100 words


Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin is huge whereas the seeds inside that will be tiny.Only the tiny seed knew thay it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness ,struggle to reach the light in order to grow as a huge tasty pumpkin.People consider fruit,but forget about the seed which struggled to reach that stage and the faith it has to spring uo as a plant to give fruits.

Weekly TLT Challenge by Only 100 words

Angel of Light

One should be as the light in the dark, be as the calm in the storm, be with peace at war, be as love to the loneliness, be as smile in the sorrows, be as the lighthouse which stands as an angel of light along with the deep sea.

Weekly TLT Challenge by Only 100 words


Love is a swing!

Love is a swing,It depends on how much you balance that and find happiness in it. It flies up and makes you breathless, then from very peaks of delight you fall down,The higher you goes and swing,the harder it becomes to stop!!

Weekly Three Line Tales by only 100 words