Every second is like an era of pain which passes through every vein,

I was unaware of this nightmare,

Like the bird that flies high in the sky, you went out with a relief of sigh,

Seeing you flying, made me collapsed there and remained crying,

I waited for so long by anticipating you to come along,

With all the feeling of deserted and exasperated, I returned exhausted!

I explored the steps to reach the heights you live in, but failed because those are unapproachable to reach in,

Though they seem to belong way, I tried to climb with all my intensity to reach you,

My eyes glittered to see you and my heart skipped a beat, in reaching you with the descending steps of every foot,

You have transformed and tossed me down,

I cried till my throat became empty and my eyes became fluffy,

A voice from inside, laughed because of me being so naive,

Being decieved&unvalued, my body drowned in the shore and my soul which is the replica of sacred love died to the core!!

This is written in response to Tanya’s Poetry Challenge #3



Seasonal smile

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge It’s not the time of year without ….

 Clouds covering the hills 

                       Araku hill station

Rain all over


Green fields 

                         Araku valley

I perdonally love Araku valley and i do visir this place once in a year!It is a must to visit place especially in netween October to January where we can see fresh flowers bloomed,clouds that lies in between the hills and the green fields everywhere! I feel so fresh and this place automatically brings smile on my face😊


Messy Room!

Mom: “Why is your room so messy ?see it’s so beautifully painted outside!”

Daughter: “Mom! it’s because if someone comes and tries to kill me,they will trip over something and get trapped!”

Mom gave a dirty look and went off because she knew that ,this room will never be cleaned and it’s no useful to paint the building beautifully with different colours!!

Weekly  TLT challenge by Only 100 words


Tiny things

Tiny things are always cute and pretty!

These are the cute feet of my lill sister’s daughter!

This is a tiny chick which i bought and raising!

This is a tiny chocolate cake in my gallery.

These are little hands of my niece.She has such a beautiful smile.

These are just born pigeon babies in my balcony.

These are little roses made my be with quilling strips..

These are my cute little toys which i get free for a chocolate called kinderjoy!i just love this and these collection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Moon🌛and Stars🌌

As i sit and stare at the glorious moon, I’m aware that I will see you soon.

I suddenly realise that i won’t be able to see you  tomorrow, so i sit here and cry in sorrow.

On seeing me a glittering star among the group shine, as a sign of that you are forever mine.

My tears vanished ,the love in me  flourished.

At that moment ,i imagined you holding my hand ,which i don’t want to leave till the end.

I saw the dark sky which asked me to fly,

As a love bird in search of mate ,at the rapid rate .

My heart started to beat faster ,at the thought of reaching you sooner.

I thought of the moment where i reach you and move closer ,my heart will definitely skip a beat and it might not wait any longer,

To hold you tight, and to kiss you on the very first sight!

Poetry Challenge#2 by Tanya on palpable pennings



©Sasha’s art

This is the picture which is painted on a chart sheet.

©sasha’s art

It’s now transformed into a beautiful one which i framed it on my room’s wall!

©Sasha’s art

©Sasha’s art

At the initial stage it was just the tree with dried apperance ,but when i drew it completely it’s now transmogrified into a beautiful piece of love!

I just love to draw and paint and it’s my favorite pastime.I start drawing something messy and at the end of it turns into a beautiful one.

Weekly Photo Challenge :Transmogrify

Natural Shine

Natural things always shine more than a diamond.The Sunshine which is the nature’s brightest thing will last forever and it’s the most precious boon of nature.

Sometimes water shine as pearls and the flow will be awesome where only natural eye can capture the real beauty of it.

Moon shines brightly as a snow ball ,which can even fills the whole darkness of an empty sky and makes it brighter.
Weekly photo challenge :Shine