12 nature beauties

These are the most beautiful things of nature

1. Moonlight

Moon is the most beautiful part on this earth.It glitters between the stars and its the best partner of a lonely midnight!

2. Water

Water is the most essential part of human kind and everyone should like water in nature!

3. Clouds

Remember ,the days when you are travelling ,you felt that clouds are moving along with you?

4. Rain

I personally enjoys watching and playing in rain.I enjoy watching with brew of coffee.

5. Forest

Forest is the source if many people in many forms.But, the greenery which forest has is amazing!no one will take care of forest yet it grows and develops in it’s own way!

6. Seashore

Walk in the sand with breeze on the seashore on a cool evening is the happiest thing for me!

7. Chirps and hums of birds

Early moring chirps and hums of birds gives us the inner joy which makes our day lite and beautiful!

8. Snowfall

The coldest happiness of our inber child!the more chiller it gets ,the more happy we feel with lite mood !

9. Field Crops

10. Butterflies&Fireflies

Though fireflies and butterflies are smallest creatures,they provide happiness and joy to the people who watches them!

11. Beautiful flowers

Flower is the better example for smile.Of all tgem Rose is the beautiful one with fragrance and elegance!


Campfire may seem to be oldest idea,but campfite conversation makes people closer and the warmth if sitting near campfire at winters is the most pleasurable moment.

These are only few beauties of nature.Every petty thing of nature is joyful and beautiful. Resting on the nature’s lap is the precious thing where everyone can’t get a chance to! Love the nature and see what it gives in return,you will get immersed in nature’s love!

Image courtesy: Google,moto g4 plus

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Heart Break💔

Everyone at some point in their life has to experience it and you know what?let me tell you it is the most painful part of life a person has to go through.When you get your heart broken,it feels like it shattered into million pieces,It is like a person stamped over your heart with high heels.
It’s like your heart is being shredded into pieces,cut up and thrown away in the trash.It hurts you emotionally and physically.Getting heart broken emotionally effects you physically!!

You cry and cry and wish it wasn’t like this.You wish it was just a temporary nightmare,but the truth is it’s not , it’s reality which is hard to digest and bitter to swallow.And you are just going to accept the pain and all.

Sometimes you can’t express how it is ,you can’t cry louder,you cry silently when everyone are asleep so that they wouldn’t hear you.You feel it in your throat and your eyes becomes blurry because of the tears.You Just want to scream on top of the sky ,but you can’t . You just hold your breath and grab your stomach to keep quiet.The one where you cannot hold it any longer nor cannot express it out.Finally you think of the person who broke your heart and realize that they are not in your life anymore and the one who means you the most has gone!!

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My Outer Layers

Discover challenge :outer layers

This is about the topic on fashion and outfits or something which we feel comfortable and which we love to be in.To me fashion is all the thing which we carry on ourselves with an unique attitude which is unspoken.Beauty doesn’t depend upon the size,what we wear its all about how we carry ourselves!

Coming to the outer layers my choice of outer layer is wearing a tee-shirt and comfortable loose pant.I just love tees for which the reason would be the solace in wearing them.Here I’m not speaking about a plus sized tee,but a normal one which fits my size.

I feel so happy when i choose bright colours and wear them.

Coming to the other things like accessories a handbag which is of bigger in size is my choice.I am also obsessed with different wrist bands and bangles.

Along with the above things 

 Being bold with an unique attitude,        Being simple with a heavy smile and      Being bright with a kind nature is my outer layer of  fashion.