Seasonal smile

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge It’s not the time of year without ….

 Clouds covering the hills 

                       Araku hill station

Rain all over


Green fields 

                         Araku valley

I perdonally love Araku valley and i do visir this place once in a year!It is a must to visit place especially in netween October to January where we can see fresh flowers bloomed,clouds that lies in between the hills and the green fields everywhere! I feel so fresh and this place automatically brings smile on my face😊



Breathe new!

Breathe the new fresh air,

Exhaling the old stuff that lingered inside,

To rejuvenate innersoul from stress.

Weekly haiku challenge :Breathe ,new
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The Beehive

In search of honey ,people deconstruct beehive which is well formed by bees and it looks filthy with many bees attached together but a single drop of honey is enough to seduce the taste buds of a tongue. When people takes out the honey from the hive ,bees feel so alexithymetic (difficult to describe their emotions) and painful because of the honey in the hive which they constructed with lot of effort is deminished.Bees finally be as a wraith in a tough zone where they can’t do anything for the hive which is now dead and remained without taste which once was Bedizen (decorate gaudily) and covered with bees in a convex shaped.

Weekly challenge:Mindlovemiserymenagerie