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Black bag!

I really don’t know how many women will like this post and some might judge me even,but i don’t give a f**k!.So today i went to a general grocery shop which is not so big , but enough to buy groceries,so i asked the shopkeeper for sanitary napkins(which means pads in general use).  A middle aged […]

Dailyposts Motivational

Be as a Queen👑

In every girl, there is a queen who is capable of handling the shit happening in life! I never wish to be my dad’s little princess instead I always wish to be a queen who protects my dad’s kingdom as a warrior until I get married and my own king arrives! “Don’t be a Queen waiting […]


Being stylish is being unique!!

*****  Stylish daily post ***** Well every woman loves to be stylish in her own way.The exact definition of style doesn’t mean wearing high heels and nude lipsticks, it’s a way to say who you are without  having to speak! Being stylish is fun but being in a right way is adorable.How many stylish dresses a woman wear,how much […]